Business Planning Resources

Hands-on Assistance and Classes

ATTRA’s 8-course business planning series (link)

Blue Tree Strategies offers business planning and project financing advice to sustainable small businesses, and is developing a small farms specialization. (link)

Microenterprise Resources Initiative and Training (MERIT) at Chemeketa Community College provides entrepreneurial training to Hispanic and other aspiring entrepreneurs in the Woodburn area through the Mid-Willamette Valley Latino Microenterprise Development Program. (link)

Portland State University’s Business Outreach Program — provides technical assistance and business consulting services to locally-owned, small businesses. (link)

SCORE — a nonprofit composed of retired professionals who offer free counseling on business issues, as well as a workshop series for a cost. (link)

Small Business Development Center (SBDC) — partnership primarily between government colleges/universities and the Small Business Administration (SBA) that provides educational servies for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. (link)

Small Business Management Program at Chemeketa Community College provides a combination of classroom training, one-on-one business counseling, and business-to-business support and networking. (read more)

Creating a Business Entity

Farm Commons’ resources, including information on Business Structures and how to create an LLC. (link)

Chart of Business Forms: Compare the pros and cons LLCs, Corporations, Sole Proprietorship and more. (link)

LLC Creation Checklist. (link)

Farmers who export crops can file as IC-DISCs, which may have substantial tax savings. Find more information here. (link)

Farm Cooperatives

A Brief Introduction to Agricultural Co-ops from OSU (link)

Cooperative Farming: Frameworks for Farming Together is a Greenhorns Guidebook with an introduction to the many models and possibilities of cooperative farming. (link)

USDA Cooperative Assistance Programs, Oregon Office. (link)

Northwest Cooperative Development Center – a regional non-profit with cooperative resources, information about models, internships, and more. (link)

USDA Rural Cooperatives Magazine — a free publication. (link)

Current Issues in Cooperative Finance and Government – a 205 page background and discussion by James Baarda of the USDA. (link)

University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives (read more)

National Cooperative Business Association — A co-op trade group. (link)

Columinate is a national consulting cooperative serving various mission-driven organizations, including food co-ops and nonprofits. (link)

Taxation of Co-operatives and their Patrons (read more)

Welcome to the Table – A consumer website developed by the National Cooperative Grocers Association. (link)

Lights, Camera, Co-ops — An ongoing video series of co-op stories from around the USA. (link)

Bylaws for Fifth Season Cooperative. (link)

Business Planning

Building a Sustainable Business: A guide to developing a business plan for farms and rural businesses. (link)

Download our Business Plan Checklist here. (link)

Growing Farms: Successful Whole Farm Management Planning Book is extensive information on whole-farm management. (link)

AgTools, OSU’s free online computer programs that help farmers make strategic, long-term decisions on a whole farm basis. (link)

PowerPoint presentation overviewing basic record keeping, cash flow and other financial records. (link)

Ag Risk Education Library — Insurance Information & Crop-Specific Enterprise Budgets. (link)

Legal Help for Partnerships, LLCs, Etc.

Legal Help for Partnership, LLCs, Etc. Resources Coming Soon
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