Resources for Black, Indigenous, and Farmers of Color

BIPOC Farming Resources

A list of blog posts and other informational resources pertaining to beginning BIPOC farmers (link)

This post provides a summary of the Justice for Black Farmers Act introduced in the U.S. Senate during the 2020 legislative session. (link)

BIPOC-Led how-to videos, gardening projects online learning resources (including resources for aspiring farmers) (link)

A resource for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who grow and provide food for their local communities in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. (link)

This 3-year farmer incubator program seeks to support farmers of color in the Pacific Northwest to launch their own agricultural businesses and to be a part of the creation of a farmer of color cooperative. We have partnered with Oregon Food Bank and received the USDA NIFA grant (National Institute of Food and Agriculture) for this project.” *Note: not currently taking applications as of February 2021 (link)

Rodale Institute, in partnership with Organic Farmers Association, offers a micro-grant program specifically targeted to support small-scale BIPOC farmers, whether organic, transitioning to organic, or an aspiring organic farmer. (link)

“Our Regenerative Agriculture Program provides aspiring and existing Latino immigrant farmers and gardeners with the training and skills necessary to grow produce using regenerative methods and to successfully market their produce” (link)

Grants and Loans for BIPOC Farmers

Grants and Loans for BIPOC Farmers Resources Coming Soon

Native American Agriculture

Resources and events from NCAI’s Tribal Food Sovereignty Advancement Initiative, which supports the development and strengthening of tribal nations’ efforts to build and protect the Indigenous food systems that have long sustained their citizens, communities, and cultures. (link)

Established in order to increase access and use of USDA programs and services by Indian producers and Tribes. (link)

BIPOC Farmers Policy and Advocacy

Our mission is to empower farmworkers and working Latinx families in Oregon by building community, increasing Latinx representation in elections, and policy advocacy on both the national and state levels. (link)

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