Agricultural Leasing and Purchasing Resources

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Leasing Information

Farm Lease Builder Tool from the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems (link)

Oregon State University Small Farm Extension offers this piece on general considerations for leasing, including pricing (link)

Oregon State University Small Farms School Presentation on Land Leasing and Purchasing, coordinated by Friends of Family Farmers (link)

The Landowner’s Guide to Sustainable Farm Leasing from Drake University (link)

A Toolbox for Leasing Farmland from Land for Good, which includes links for sample leases (link)

Article from On Pasture discussing pasture rental rates by county using 2016 NASS-USDA data (link)

You can also look directly at the NASS-USDA data on average land lease rates by county (link)

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach provides tools for computing a pasture rental rate (link)

This ATTRA publication, “Finding Land to Farm: Six Ways to Secure Farmland” covers a variety of ways to lease or own farmland (link)

This article from Mother Earth News focuses on questions to ask when purchasing farmland, but they also may be helpful when thinking about leasing as well (link)

How to Determine a Lease Price

How to Determine a Lease Price Resources Coming Soon

Draft a Lease Agreement

Draft a Lease Agreement Resources Coming Soon

Resources for Purchasing Farmland

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