Racial Equity Resources

Racial Equity Resources and Information

Annual 21 day program to support people in learning, expanding knowledge, and charting a course of action to dismantle racism in our food system and in our world. (link)

This comprehensive guide includes information on seven key strategies for achieving food sovereignty, including: #1 Policy Platform, #2 Individual Actions, #3 Reparations, #4 Alliance Building, #5 Internal Organizational Transformation, #6 Grantmaking and Funding, and #7 Self-Reflection and Education. (link)

This guide was initiated in response to requests from majority white Coalition chapters for resources and guidance on how to initiate conversations and organizing efforts around racial equity in their chapters and broader communities. Parts of this resource will be mostly relevant for white farmers and organizers. (link)

This is a brief guide for Resource Generation members and other folks with access to land to support in education and resource sharing around land reparations. We hope these resources can support us in taking collective action towards land repatriation to Indigenous people in the ongoing struggle against colonization. This is not a comprehensive guide, but rather a starting point. (link)

Young Farmers Coalition Racial Equity Toolkit (link)

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