Seeking Purchase of 5+ acres of land


Land Seeker Description

My girlfriend Celina and I (Aaron) have become interested in farming over the last few years. We are especially interested in the idea of traditional indigenous farming practices/permaculture. We dream of living a more healthy lifestyle and practice appreciation and joy from the simple things in life. Our goal is to create a small farm ecosystem encompassing orchards, perennial and annual crops and animals in a diverse biodynamic environment. We hope to share what we have with the community be it resources, knowledge, a safe space, or a lot of laughs.

What features of the property are essential?

We hope to find a a space that is partially cleared (we don't want to cut down any trees) with decent ground water and some flat areas. We hope to work with the land and its microclimates to grow what is meant to grow rather than forcing it. Hilly areas and forested areas are also welcome.

Describe your farming experience

Our practical hands-on experience is limited to backyard gardening and experimentation with food forests but we have done extensive research on whole system farming methods. Aaron is most excited about building soil diversity.

Are you currently farming?


What are your short term goals for the land

The first year would mostly be spent observing and learning from the land with minimal planting of trees to get a jump start on a food forest-hopefully a baby as well 🙂 The next 2 years would be spent learning and experimenting with what works and doesn't work and building soil quality using cover crops and rotational animal grazing. Year 4 and 5 we would attempt our first significant planting of both perennial and annual crops. Ideally we would have a good understanding of the land by that point by which we can let nature do the hard work.

What are your long term goals

We hope to become profitable by selling a diverse range of products including eggs, fruit, vegetables, fresh and dried herbs, honey, goat milk, cheese, butter, and providing classes. We hope to become a community gathering place where people can teach the skills to others and provide a safe and healthy learning environment surrounded by good people.

Describe your housing needs

We are very open. We can acquire a trailer or if there is a space to live that is amazing as well. We have the worlds sweetest dog who will of course come with us.

Additional Land Seeker Details

Regions interested in farming:
5, South Willamette Valley, North Willamette Valley

Acreage desired:
5 - 10 acres, 11 - 20 acres, 21+ acres

Seeking land access by:
December 17, 2020

Interested in raising the following crops / livestock:
Beans, Bees, Berries, Flowers, Goats, Herbs, Horses, Mushrooms, Nursery Stock, Nuts, Orchard/Fruit, Pasture, Poultry, Rabbits, Sheep, Vegetables

Interested in these business arrangements:
Sale of Land, Lease-to-own, Lease with option to purchase

Interested in these growing practices:
Certified Organic, Organic, Not Certified, Biodynamic, Dry Farming, Season Extension

Date when this profile was last modified or created:
December 11, 2020

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