Seeking lease of 2+ acress of land for farming in Yamhill county


Land Seeker Description

Me and my wife are seeking farmland to start as part farming of crops, than as we are able to build up income and infrastructure start raising livestock and in time be able to do this as a full time job.

What features of the property are essential?

Water would be the most essential since we are not planning to live on the land right away.
For the long term the ability to hook up sewer and electricity will be very important. It would be the thing for us to stay where we are or having to a different location.

Describe your farming experience

My wife wife has done hobby farming and gardening her entire life.

Are you currently farming?


What are your short term goals for the land

Are short term plans are to be able to grow greens and seasonal veggies to sell localy and look into direct sales opportunities. We will also be raising bees early on to sell honey and wax.

What are your long term goals

Long term goals would be raising a variety of livestock, thou we would focus on poultry and hogs. That with are vegetable production we hope can fill a spot in the local community and provide them with healthy foods grown near by.

Describe your housing needs

We are trying to lease land in Yamhill so we can commutte to the farm at first.
Down the road as things start to become profitable and can have my wife quite her job she would hopefully be living on the farm with our daughter, tell I leave my job.

Additional Land Seeker Details

Regions interested in farming:
North Willamette Valley

Acreage desired:
1 - 5 acres

Seeking land access by:
January 1, 2021

Interested in raising the following crops / livestock:
Bees, Cattle, Fiber Animals, Goats, Hogs, Poultry, Rabbits, Vegetables

Interested in these business arrangements:
Sale of Land, Lease-to-own, Lease with option to purchase, Lease for cash, Lease for trade

Interested in these growing practices:
Certified Organic, Organic, Not Certified

Date when this profile was last modified or created:
September 11, 2020

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