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Land Seeker Description

Hello! We are 2 adults and 2 older children (10 and 12) seeking to permanently transition from our own 10-year farmstead to a more hospitable and generous land base, possibly to include community.  We landed on our beautiful dry hillside ‘farm land’ in 2012 and have learned SO much dedicating profound amounts of energy to this land. We’ve questioned our choice to be here each year as there are some severe limitations, 1) extremely limited and low-quality water for farming and/or supporting additional people; and 2) the hillside nature of the land will be “too much” to adequately maintain in old age.   It has been the ‘right’ thing to this point, providing a wonderful education and experience.  We are now ready to explore new paths. I am a mother, artist, mover-and-shaker.  I have an MA in Sociology with an emphasis in community organizing.  I have written and obtained grants, completed permitting processes for most land-projects, and coordinated (almost) ‘all the things.’  I ran my own business for 10 years and currently work remotely full-time while homeschooling my children.  I bee keep, love gardening, and definitely get more than my hands dirty participating in all the projects!  I love good conversation, learning, and sharing with others. My partner and children’s father is a dedicated ‘doer’.  He is passionate about living soil and food production.  He has studied agriculture extensively and quips that ‘the best fertilizer is the gardener’s shadow’.  His skills include plumbing, minor electrical, and he can build nearly anything with an eye for detail and quality.  He’s a hard worker who prefers to do things right the first time, though he can certainly patch things along if needed.  He has a unique way of understanding people and the world and is easy to get along with. Our children are precious, delightful, and exude pure life.  The eldest, 12, is precocious and strives toward greatness.  She is more competent in many areas than many adults.  She runs her own little business, is a diligent and easy study, and has great skills baking, cooking, and generally being our “right hand man.”  Our youngest, 10, loves her imaginative life and spending time with the animals.  She has a great sense of social awareness, is innovative and very playful.  These two are an essential component to the everyday functioning of our busy life.  They currently handle 80% of the ongoing animal chores including milking goats twice a day.  The children respect boundaries and are good company. We do prefer keeping our circles small. We are not interested in living in a ‘free-for-all’ environment with many people frequently coming and going, throwing big parties or often hosting many strangers/public.  While we are open to the idea of occasional tours/educational programs, we mostly lean toward taking that element off-site to share, and maintaining a more ‘sacred’ home space. We recognize, too, that running a farm as a family of 4 is a substantial challenge and maybe even a bit of a drain!  We are carefully open to the idea and work of developing core community/partnership in living harmoniously with the land.  We’ve realized that most of the people we’d be eager to “go in on land/farming” with are, like us, already deep-rooted into a place-based life (feeling the same way, ironically); but the “how” and overlap of making such a transition while maintaining said life is beyond fathoming.  Most of us/them, have grown wary of pooling in with others, (largely due to an experience/perspective gap).  SO, we are putting ourselves out there, as a family that understands what it means to have ‘skin in the game’ and hoping to encounter likewise, as well as equitable opportunity for investment (in the holistic sense). We are open and honest and believe in clear communication. We strive to utilize non-violent communication skills and active listening. We are willing to process as needed, though we hope to not ‘over-process’ as many things work themselves out with time.  We accept that each person has different experience/perspective and hope to attain deferrence to the bigger picture.  We would like the same treatment by any land-partners. We have learned so much at our existing place, not only about the land, but about ourselves.  We’ve learned about matching capacity, stacking functions; and we’re learning about time, that ‘perma’ culture means just that; the succession and effects of our actions can take decades.  We feel bittersweet to consider leaving our place as we’ve come to know and love it well.  However, in a  practical sense, we are ready to make a move to greener pastures and gentler climes where we will have a full array of opportunities to work with.

What features of the property are essential?

Flattish to gently sloping.
Water... plenty of easy, clean water-- ideally 3 sources including at least 1 surface water source and irrigation rights with source.
Mix of woods and open lands. Undisturbed woodland is a bonus, backing up to large tracts of land (not logging land or highly trafficked) is a plus.
Privacy! NOT hearing the freeway or being seen from a busy road.
South facing aspect
Space/privacy between homes/living areas of residents
Fencing and animal housing a plus
Storage/barns, shops

Describe your farming experience

* hosted many WWOOFers/renters over the years
* remodeled our house to become ADA accessible and built permitted 4th bedroom
* hosted AirBnB on the farm
* designed, permitted and installed 40,000 gal. rainwater catchment system
* completed ridiculous amounts of trenching
* permitted and had earthwork completed for (4) large ~40'x100' terraces
* permitted and built 1200 sq ft. 'luxury' Ag Building using mostly land-based and second hand materials (insulated, plumbed, and electrified)
* secured and installed new electrical service and meter for the building from power company/pole
* again: completed ridiculous amounts of trenching
* perimeter fenced 14 acres with some cross fencing
* built several cattle-panel hoop chicken houses/tractors
* built hoop houses
* restored, repaired and set-up Tipi (now in storage)
* built small, insulated, 2-story shed with windows
* built 2 open "hog sheds" with peeled round-wood sourced from land and recycled metal roofing
* 10 years of market and festival vending (not as a farmer, but nonethelesss)
* participated in NASDA's Women's Farm2Food Accelerator

* created in ground, hardware cloth-lined beds with beautifully amended organic soils
* collected and created leaf-mold compost from town-yards in fall
* brewed and made compost teas
* raised worms for castings
* past experience with hydroponic and indoor farming

* living permaculture design/implementation experience
* hugelkulture in action
* silvopasture learning/development
* JADAM and Korean Natural Farming learning/development
* dryland farming techniques: mulches and drip tapes, overwinter crops and season extension
* forestry management for fire resiliency including thinning, succession, and controlled burns, making biochar.

* garlic crops
* common veggies including loads of peppers/squash/tomatoes
* fruit tree planting/pruning/maintenance
* herbs
* extensive food preservation; canning and pressure canning, dehydrating, fermentation, freeze drying, freezing

* raised, butchered and processed flocks of meat chickens/turkeys 2x annually for years
* raised and maintained layer flock of chickens and guinea fowl
* keeping black soldier flies for chicken feed
* sprouting (purchased) grains to extend feed efficiency
* raised and processed our own pigs-- ONCE
* waste-not-want-not processed several fresh roadkill deer
* fishing and food-game hunting
* mushroom and wild-food foraging
* wildcrafting for herbal oils, tinctures, and syrups
* bee-centric beekeeping 6+ years (mentor and teach kids about bees)
* new to dairy goat herd, cheesemaking
* 1 LGD training to goats

Are you currently farming?


What are your short term goals for the land

Ultimately, to transition to new home/land and settle-in (with animals), immediately participate in generation of food security. Ease-in. Determine if the fit is good; if a long-term arrangement (in perpetuity, with clear equitable ownership options) is likely and if so, sell our current place to fully invest.

Overview existing systems and evaluate, make plans/adjustments as needed.
We wish to work smarter (not harder) and build systems that work harmoniously with nature and stack functions. We would begin steps or continue efforts toward this.

Self-sufficiency of food is a high priority goal for us-- including being able to feed the animals we keep from the land/farm.

I am currently learning herbalism and medicine making with the intent to create a small business focused on honey bee/pollinator education coupled with small-scale, value added medicaments (internal and external). I would like to get this off the ground and possibly quit the (spiritually taxing) job.   

What are your long term goals

Self-sufficiency. Community contribution. Financial independence.

Self-sufficiency: ongoing food production including staples. Passive and renewable energy sources for food storage as well. Many hands make light work... Permaculture/food forest design systems.

Community contribution: without exploiting any one system/crop/animal, having high quality, value added specialty items to sell/barter. Enhancing and sharing the natural environment harmoniously with other creatures/plants as well as human-centric activities. Sharing knowledge, space, responsibility, and experience with others.

Financial independence: ideally, the above considerations make this possible, along with a plan/budget for land-development and on-going maintenance. Being able to devote ourselves to our life on the farm based on what works for the farm/ecological systems and not the 'mighty' dollar would be ideal.

Describe your housing needs

We can be flexible for the right situation, though we ultimately hope for/will work toward a 4 bedroom house with an ample kitchen The home should be mold-free; and in a perfect world, would be spacious, light and bright, with many natural surfaces and wonderful temperature moderation! Privacy is a must and natural views from the windows preferred.

Extra storage or shop-space is important as we have MANY tools, supplies and materials to do many, many things... In the right circumstances, we would, of course, be happy to share many of these. See the list of our farming experience to get an idea of the things/animals that would come with us. We have beautiful, organized stacks of materials as well if they're needed/desired, if/until we part with our existing property. Until this is clear, we would be able to maintain/store much of this on our own property, thus overlapping any transition we make.

We have a Kubota Tractor with implements, a heavy-duty farm truck, 2 daily-driver vehicles, and pets: 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Currently, internet access is important for my job. We are used to 150 gigs/mo satellite internet and no cell service.

What will you do as a farmer to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone on your farm and in your community?

Love all. Trust few. Hate no one.

Additional Land Seeker Details

Regions interested in farming:
Central, Coastal, South Willamette Valley, Southern, Neighboring States

Acreage desired:
21+ acres

Seeking land access by:
January 1, 2023

Interested in raising the following crops / livestock:
Beans, Bees, Berries, Dairy, Fiber Animals, Flowers, Goats, Grain, Herbs, Hogs, Mushrooms, Nuts, Orchard/Fruit, Pasture, Poultry, Sheep, Vegetables, Other

Interested in these business arrangements:
Sale of Land, Lease-to-own, Partnership

Interested in these growing practices:
Organic, Not Certified, Biodynamic, Season Extension

Date when this profile was last modified or created:
July 13, 2022

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