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Land Seeker Description

Hi I am farming Hemp have all licensing, insurance set and a small crew of me and 2 others that are husband and wife that will frequent the property often to work the crop. If there is a small shelter we may like the option to stay a few nights a week max depending on our schedules as a get away or if work load is high.  Prefer to have something within 0-1.5 hours from Portland Metro Area. I can arrange the grow set up to work with the property IE; In ground, above ground in pots, Prefer flat level ground but am flexible. I would ideally like to have something more discreet at least not seen directly from the main road as theft is always a concern. But fencing and security will most likely need to be installed- and could do something that is removable when lease is up. Irrigation is ideal but we can have a water service as well. I do all outdoor but there is potential to need a temp green or hoop house errected for the first month till plants go in and then if an outbuilding or barn is available for a drying/trimming area I can incorporate that into the lease for the last few months, if not I will need to errect the green or hoop house for drying or a potential shipping container also. That is alot of info- We are looking for something fairly cost effective or a larger payout contract on the back end or a combination of any, we have plenty of room to be creative and please let me know if you have any questions.

What features of the property are essential?

Water prefered, barn or outbuilding structure that could be used for about 2 months at end of season

Describe your farming experience

10+ years have owned several businesses

Are you currently farming?


What are your short term goals for the land

To grow this business

What are your long term goals

TO be able to expand

Describe your housing needs

See details above and poss RX hook up situation?

Additional Land Seeker Details

Regions interested in farming:
Gorge, 5, North Willamette Valley, Portland Area

Acreage desired:
1 - 5 acres, 5 - 10 acres

Seeking land access by:
March 2, 2021

Interested in raising the following crops / livestock:
Mushrooms, Other

Interested in these business arrangements:
Lease-to-own, Lease with option to purchase, Lease for cash, Lease for trade, Partnership

Interested in these growing practices:

Date when this profile was last modified or created:
January 4, 2021

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