Seeking housing and 1acre plus to run my Soil Food Web and mycological production yard plus a microscope lab


Land Seeker Description

Hello!  I am a recent graduate of the Soil FoodWeb School.  I am looking for a place to continue my small-batch composting yard, liquid extracts area, microscope lab and fungi inoculant production area.  I use carefully crafted thermophilic compost and fungal samples to inoculate dirt with the soil food web organisms.  I also maintain several feedstock plots as well as “succession rows” of different plant groups, matched with their corresponding  soil food web communities.

In order to pass the SFW School’s Consultant Training Program I am required to fully restore a functional soil food web and companion plants in a place of degraded soil.  The core area of my work is helping growers to restore their soil and embrace the Soil Food Web, or other soil-honoring farming practices through their management practices.

I plan to expand my existing work/client base and emphasize:  vending full-biology compost appropriate for the plant community a grower is cultivating.  Providing a microscope lab and information hub.  Offering full consulting services to growers. I also aim to continue growing my own feedstock rows and “succession plots” to serve a few functions.

I am looking for a stable lease scenario to demonstrate proficiency for my licensure and to grow up my business.

I often work with a helper.

My wish list:

  1.  Vehicle accessible even-land with nearby water and electricity.
  2.  Adjoining or nearby fields for feedstock plots and potentially some animals for manure and soil interactions.
  3.  A barn, garage, shed or a place to make a covered space for making liquid extracts and fungal inoculants with water and electricity accessible (okay to run a hose and an extension cord).
  4.  A wet lab area (a set tub or room adjoining a sink ..?) to do microscope assessments and to grow other soil organisms.
  5.  Housing that is not contaminated with mold.
  6.  Clean water in not large amounts.
  7.  A front loader tractor.
  8. A stable lease and scenario where lease will not be modified without consent.

What features of the property are essential?

Level-ish ground accessible by vehicle to run a small-batch thermophillic compost yard with adjoining feedstock plots. Access to a moderate amount of clean water. Some sort of shelter or ability to construct one with water and electricity (okay for hose and extension cord) for wet production of extracts and teas etc. Safe but modest housing. Indoor area for wet-lab microscope work. Clear agreement and grounded land partners.

Describe your farming experience

I have an undergraduate degree in biology with an emphasis in agroecology. My masters was a liberal arts degree with an emphasis in tree plantations. I often maintain a kitchen garden, but am NOT an experienced farmer. I have been making full biology compost, liquid extracts and microscope/site assessments with informal clients for a few years now.

Are you currently farming?


What are your short term goals for the land

My plan for year one is to demonstrate full proficiency in the required skills during my Consultant Training Program. Two big components are making consistent small-batches of full bio compost, and showing I can asses and convert "dirt" back to a full soil food web community. Years two and three are expanding production, developing a client base and business ventures (provide bio and expertise to other consultant teams and farm market crops etc.) and to establish a reputation of vending quality full biology compost inoculant, and providing outcome-focused consulting skills.

What are your long term goals

My long term goal (years 4 and 5) is to expand the bio-compost to a larger production model using windrows and larger feedstock sources. It would likely require an investment in a compost windrow turner and other infrastructure. OR I could continue with small batch composting and focus on consulting and farming on site.

Describe your housing needs

I need housing for myself and potentially my romantic partner. One to two bedrooms is okay. A place for a microscope lab (see above) and wet production area. I have a daughter who lives in town who I would like to visit. I need a clean mold "free" space that is functional but does not need to be fancy. I don't want unexpected roommates or living situation changes that are not negotiated before hand in good faith. A year lease is more secure for me. Looking to be at a place for 3-5 years+ - or to purchase after my business picks up. I am okay with a trial period if needed.

What will you do as a farmer to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone on your farm and in your community?

I am by nature inclusive. I have a enviro and social activist background working with diverse people in many to scenarios and working conditions. I think soil knowledge is a universal right - and want to share it. I do not do well with folks that have a hidden agendas or biases against pitching in toward the agreed core focus.

Additional Land Seeker Details

Regions interested in farming:
South Willamette Valley

Acreage desired:
Less than 1 acre, 1 - 5 acres, 5 - 10 acres

Interested in raising the following crops / livestock:
Bees, Berries, Cattle

Interested in these business arrangements:
Lease-to-own, Lease with option to purchase, Lease for cash, Partnership

Interested in these growing practices:
Organic, Not Certified, Dry Farming, 7

Date when this profile was last modified or created:
October 23, 2023

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