Looking for 1/3-1/2 Acre for Garlic Farming


Land Seeker Description

My name is Tyler Roses and I am born and raised in Mulino, OR.  My wife and I are very interested in farming garlic, but, with the current out-of-control real estate market, are unable to purchase land, and the current property we live on is forested.  All I am looking for is a small parcel to grow around 5000 garlic plants.  This will be low impact farming as I plan to do most of the work by hand (initial tilling will be done with tractor).  Help a local farmers dream come true.

I am primarily looking for land near Mulino, but am willing to relocate if there is a farmer that is willing to show me how they run their garlic farm.

Also willing to trade for services (yardwork, tree trimming, etc.).  Thank you!

What features of the property are essential?

I need water (garlic grows in winter, so not much water is needed compared to other crops), and good soil. A barn for drying would be nice, but I can transport to my home for drying.

Describe your farming experience

I started gardening when I was 10 years old, primarily out of duty to family, but it quickly became a passion. Have been growing apples, cherries, plums, beans, garlic, etc. for years. I have a college degree in geology, and have been able to apply my scientific background into farming practices.

Are you currently farming?


What are your short term goals for the land

Short-term goals are to grow my garlic stock to around 12,000 bulbs a year. This will allow me to sell 10,000, and re-grow the remaining 2,000. I do not ever want to have a large farm, just trying to make 30k-40k a year doing something I love.

What are your long term goals

Long-term plans are to have a consistent crop and a long-term buyer.

Describe your housing needs

My wife and I do not have housing needs.

Additional Land Seeker Details

Regions interested in farming:
North Willamette Valley

Acreage desired:
Less than 1 acre

Seeking land access by:
May 5, 2022

Interested in raising the following crops / livestock:

Interested in these business arrangements:
Sale of Land, Lease-to-own, Lease with option to purchase, Lease for cash, Lease for trade, Partnership

Interested in these growing practices:
Certified Organic, Organic, Not Certified

Date when this profile was last modified or created:
November 8, 2021

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