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Land Seeker Description


My partner and I moved to Oregon (near Eugene) in 2018 to lease a small property and run our cut cut flower and seed business. Our first two years went well, but the property was sold and we have yet to find another property to relocate our farm business. We are looking for a purchase opportunity but are also open to options with multi-year leases. ***We are interested in working with any other farmers to create partnerships, cooperatives, co-farming endeavors so we can all thrive!

We are seeking another property that is:

-west of the cascades,

-has good soil with at least 2 acres flat open ground,

-and has access to sufficient water.


What features of the property are essential?

Water rights, prime or statewide important soil type, open tillable ground (i.e. not recently logged and needs stumped to be pulled), land that can be certified organic--if purchase or long-term lease we might be open to land where we have to work with transition to organic for a year.

Describe your farming experience

Previous to moving to Oregon we managed commercial diversified organic production on farms and organic agriculture education programs for 10 years. We had our own business farming in Oregon for two years, and now we have full time work (still in organic food!) while we search for the next farm we can steward and farm full time.

Are you currently farming?


What are your short term goals for the land

What would do on this land? We have experience managing many different kinds of enterprises, so it truly depends on what is best suited for the property and the local market access. We are adaptable, resourceful, and experienced. We would take a season to realize cover crops, learn the land, and install infrastructure that is needed. Year two would be active cultivation and relationship building for direct market or contracts, on the scale of 2 acres--the balance of land tended and introduction of livestock and get organic certification. Year three is assessment of scalability and potential for our full transition away from current income from jobs. We have kids so we would maintain at least 1 off-farm income stream.

What are your long term goals

Long-term plan would be to be in the phase of land purchase if the property was not originally a sale transaction. Seeing through conservation projects for property improvement. Established reputation as quality seed and mixed vegetable producers. We hope to build a safe-haven, a resource we can contribute to the community in the good and bad times!

Describe your housing needs

Housing is not a requirement depending on the location of the property--but a housing possibility would be preferable.

What will you do as a farmer to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone on your farm and in your community?

Practice kindness, listen and be receptive.

Additional Land Seeker Details

Regions interested in farming:
Coastal, 5, South Willamette Valley, North Willamette Valley, Portland Area, Southern, Neighboring States

Acreage desired:
1 - 5 acres, 5 - 10 acres, 11 - 20 acres, 21+ acres

Seeking land access by:
October 14, 2022

Interested in raising the following crops / livestock:
Bees, Berries, Cattle, Fiber Animals, Flowers, Herbs, Hogs, Orchard/Fruit, Poultry, Sheep, Vegetables

Interested in these business arrangements:
Sale of Land, Lease-to-own, Lease with option to purchase, Lease for cash, Partnership

Interested in these growing practices:
Certified Organic, Biodynamic, Dry Farming

Date when this profile was last modified or created:
October 15, 2022

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