up to five acres for lease near Stayton, OR – potential to rent farmhouse on site


Our 40 acre farm and orchard has several unused acres for lease and available in 2019. Our farmhouse is currently rented but will be available in August 2019. Our preference is to rent land and house to the same person.

The acreage can be certified organic anytime and much of the farms land is already certified. There are water rights on the entire farm and irrigation water is abundant and fairly easy to access. Farmers with the right training and experience may also be able to rent to farm equipment.

The house is a large three bedroom/two bath with additional indoor spaces.

Owner’s Short Term Vision for the Property

We would like the currently marginally used acres on the property farmed in a more intensive manor. There are about 11 acres that are underutilized and seven of those could be quickly moved into more intensive management.

Owner’s Long Term Vision for the Property

We would like to see and even more highly diversified farming operation utilizing the land effectively here.

Current Use

Apples, Hazelnuts, Nursery stock.

Soil Type / Quality

2 and 3

Buildings and Structures Available for Farm Use

Barns and shops are currently in use but there is the potential for some shared space.

Farm Equipment Available for Use, Sale or Lease

Depending on training and experience there are two tractors and many implements.

Any Restrictions That Could Limit Agricultural Production

Lack of fencing and additional shelter limits the types of animal agriculture that can be done here. Sheep with temporary fences have utilized the property but only during the winter and early spring when the threat to the other crops is minimal.

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County: Linn

Farm Basics

Total Acreage: 40 acres

Acreage Available to Landseeker: 5, potentially more.

Date Property is Available: December 31, 2018

Possible Business Arrangements: Lease for cash

Lease Rate / Price: 400 per year, per acre with irrigation.

Date when this listing was created: December 14, 2018

Farming Practices

Current Farming Practices: Certified Organic, Organic, Not Certified, Dry Farming

Farming Practices Allowed: Certified Organic, Organic, Not Certified, Biodynamic, Dry Farming

Agriculture Types Suitable: Beans, Berries, Fiber Animals, Flowers, Grain, Hay, Herbs, Nursery Stock, Nuts, Orchard/Fruit, Pasture, Poultry, Sheep, Vegetables, Other

Farm Details

Housing Available? Yes

Water Available? Yes

Property Fenced?

Land Holder Interested in Mentoring Land Seeker? No

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