Lease: 5 acres in Polk County


We have nearly ten acres in West Salem, Oregon but we’re listing five because part of our land used to be a rock quarry! The unfarmable part becomes a lovely seasonal pond during the winter. We have an old horse barn where we currently house our ducks and geese as well as a large pole barn on the NW side of the property. Both of those buildings are usable though we would like to continue housing the flock in the barn unless other arrangements could be made. Though the property is not completely fenced, parts of the old fence are still in place on the eastern and northern sides. It’s an interesting piece of land with a lot of possibilities and we are always open to ideas. If you’d like to come and take a look, we’d love to meet you. If you’re from out of town, you can also find us listed on Airbnb under Houck Hollow. 🙂

Owner’s Short Term Vision for the Property

We'd like to lease part of our property and the pole barn.

Owner’s Long Term Vision for the Property

We are open to a partnership depending on the type of business.

Current Use

We have a large vegetable garden, an old horse barn used for housing our ducks and geese, and we've sectioned off some areas with paths and fairy gardens. There are several old trees we'd like to keep but there are also wide open acres that would be perfect for planting trees or to be used as a nursery.

Soil Type / Quality

Our vegetable garden grows well. Flowers grow here spontaneously. We don't know the type of soil or the quality, but it seems good overall for about five acres. The other five would be rocky.

Buildings and Structures Available for Farm Use

We have an old horse barn and a large pole barn on the property. We'd love to turn the pole barn into a greenhouse. There is also a covered greenhouse down by the garden area that we currently use but is negotiable.

Farm Equipment Available for Use, Sale or Lease

We don't have any tractors. We do have some gardening tools and a brush mower.

Any Restrictions That Could Limit Agricultural Production

We aren't sure about zoning or water rights. We do have a seasonal pond that is rather large. There is a year-round creek that runs through the property and the potential for a large reservoir. Part of the land was once used as a rock quarry so there are sections that are quite difficult to dig.

What are you doing as a landholder to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone on your land and in your community?

We care about preserving the old trees and we are good neighbors and keep in touch with many of them on a regular basis.

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County: Polk

Farm Basics

Total Acreage: Just under 10

Acreage Available to Landseeker: About 5

Date Property is Available: January 23, 2022

Possible Business Arrangements: Lease for cash, Lease for trade, Partnership

Lease Rate / Price: Negotiable

Date when this listing was created: January 26, 2022

Farming Practices

Current Farming Practices:

Farming Practices Allowed:

Agriculture Types Suitable: Beans, Bees, Berries, Flowers, Goats, Grain, Hay, Herbs, Mushrooms, Nursery Stock, Nuts, Orchard/Fruit, Pasture, Poultry, Vegetables

Farm Details

Housing Available? No

Water Available? No

Property Fenced? No

Land Holder Interested in Mentoring Land Seeker? No

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