For Lease/Partnership: 1 to 20 acres for Market Garden/Livestock/Flower production


Our farm focuses on regenerative style practices, putting the soil health first as much as possible. We are looking to either lease or partner with someone or a couple to continue to build infrastructure, successful flower and vegetable gardens, and healthy pastures for livestock and hay.

We currently do not have housing available, but are open to other arrangements like tiny homes, campers, yurts etc.

We are also beginning to host events such as dinners, campouts and weddings on the farm. If interested, there’s a likely hood other jobs or revenues could become available.

We have a lot of skills and knowledge and are willing to teach the right person, but are really looking for someone that becomes a part of the family and our community.

Owner’s Short Term Vision for the Property

We want to see active plant production as a larger sector of our farm along with more landscaping to help species like bees, fish, water retention, and wildlife habitats. Plus, wild abundance is really pretty.

Owner’s Long Term Vision for the Property

We are building our meat business and setting up our farm for more agritourism including farm to table dinners. Our goal is to work with someone that shares this dream and can help facilitate through management of our garden. As we continue to pursue agritourism, we want to use our farm as a way to connect people with food, the rest of the community, and other small businesses and farms.

Current Use

We currently run a pasture raised meat operation that features lamb and beef but are transitioning to perennial plant production more and more.

Available Water / Irrigation

We hold a water right for irrigation from a creek, but there is also well water with drip irrigation lines available.

Soil Type / Quality

We have a mix of soil types, the majority being Class 2 and Class 3 soils. We are between 2 creeks, therefore have pockets of silty loam, and pockets of clay.

Buildings and Structures Available for Farm Use

There will be a greenhouse available weather permitting, a couple small outbuildings and potentially space in our barn.

Farm Equipment Available for Use, Sale or Lease

We have a mid sized tractor with an array of implements Available if one has experience, otherwise equipment will only be available based on our schedule

What are you doing as a landholder to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone on your land and in your community?

We operate with the hope that all feel safe and welcome on our farm, like you're sitting to eat at your best friends table. We want to facilitate change, and sometimes that means breaking the boundaries of comfort and having tough, but needed and educational conversations. We believe food and farming are the gateway to make serious long-lasting change. After all, everyone needs to eat.

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County: Columbia

Farm Basics

Total Acreage: 120

Acreage Available to Landseeker: 1-20

Date Property is Available: June 17, 2022

Possible Business Arrangements: Lease for cash, Lease for trade, Partnership, Other

Lease Rate / Price: negotiable

Date when this listing was created: September 2, 2021

Farming Practices

Current Farming Practices: Organic, Not Certified, Biodynamic, Season Extension, 7

Farming Practices Allowed: Organic, Not Certified, Biodynamic, Dry Farming, Season Extension, Other

Agriculture Types Suitable: Beans, Bees, Berries, Cattle, Dairy, Fiber Animals, Flowers, Grain, Hay, Herbs, Hogs, Mushrooms, Nursery Stock, Nuts, Orchard/Fruit, Pasture, Poultry, Rabbits, Sheep, Vegetables, Vineyard, Other

Farm Details

Housing Available? No

Water Available? Yes

Property Fenced? Yes

Land Holder Interested in Mentoring Land Seeker? Yes

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