For lease: 5 acres in Silverton


We’ve never used this land to its potential for a variety of family reasons. We thought for years about how to share the land with other farmers but Oregon’s land use laws are overly restrictive. This is a beautiful, beautiful place and Silverton is a wonderful little town.

Owner’s Short Term Vision for the Property

Find the right beginning farmers to share this land with. We will be switching from cattle to more sheep and bees as we get older. We are 62 and 64 and are planning for the future.

Owner’s Long Term Vision for the Property

Keeping the land safe for bees and other living things. In the next 15 years we do envision leasing the land long term to other likeminded farmers. We have no plans to sell the land.

Current Use

Grazing cattle, sheep and pigs. Bee forage, wildcrafting herbs.

Soil Type / Quality

Nekia and possibly McAlpin at the 5 acres we are offering. Great spring that does not run off property will need to be developed to provide water for the land.

Buildings and Structures Available for Farm Use

Owners home, accessory building, owners barn.

Farm Equipment Available for Use, Sale or Lease

We have a small tractor and would be willing to work together on shared projects.

Any Restrictions That Could Limit Agricultural Production

Due to location will have to be CSA/Market Garden not suitable for farm stand or agritourism/events. Landholder does host occaisional herb classes onsite. Most of the land is sloped and we will likely be planting pine trees to accomodate change in climate on the sloped areas.

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County: Marion

Farm Basics

Total Acreage: 88

Acreage Available to Landseeker: 20

Date Property is Available: January 1, 1970

Possible Business Arrangements: Lease for cash

Lease Rate / Price: $500 a month includes shared housing.

Date when this listing was created: April 20, 2016

Farming Practices

Current Farming Practices: 7

Farming Practices Allowed: Other

Agriculture Types Suitable: Cattle, Dairy, Fiber Animals, Goats, Herbs, Hogs, Mushrooms, Nuts, Orchard/Fruit, Poultry, Sheep, Vegetables, Vineyard, Other

Farm Details

Housing Available? Yes

Water Available? Yes

Property Fenced?

Land Holder Interested in Mentoring Land Seeker? No

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