Work-Trade at Helios Farms

Company: Helios Farms
Location: Yoncalla
Compensation: Work-Trade/Internship
Employment Type: Internship / Apprentice
Job Categories: Agriculture
Region: Central, Coastal, Eastern, Gorge, Mid Willamette Valley, Neighboring States, North Willamette Valley, Portland Area, South Willamette Valley, Southern
Date Posted: March 26, 2019

How to Apply

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We are now accepting applicants for the Spring 2019 – Fall 2019 seasons.

Helios Farms is a regenerative farm located in the beautiful Umpqua Valley. We focus on implementing permaculture principals while producing nutrient-dense food for your family and community.

Our agricultural activities follow Joel Salatin’s approach: Rotational grazing, poultry, cow, pig moving; harvest processing includes: milking; pouring, egg collection and packing, delivery; etc. Beef, Pork and chicken processing during the harvest season. We use raw fermented milk in poultry and hog feed, so fermenting milk and mixing feed are farm activities. Gardening, harvesting and planting happen in the spring-summer months.

This is a WORK-TRADE opportunity available to applicants interested in receiving nutrient dense foods for their families in exchange for their labor on the farm.


Set a schedule with managers at Helios Farms and expect to be trained on jobs such as:

Electric fence building


Rotational Grazing

Feed Mixing

Invasive Species Control

Woodland Management

Compose Management

Chicken Trailer/Rotational Grazing

Assisting Calf births


Those with trade skills will be given the opportunity to use those skill sets so please let us know when applying what your skill set is.


We do offer an internship on a case-by-case basis which entails an immersive experience where you spend 3 months on farm, working, eating and living together. Successful completed internships have the opportunity to stay on for the apprenticeship program.