Sisters Farmers Market Manager and Outreach Coordinator

Company: Seed to Table Oregon
Location: Sisters
Compensation: $18+ DOE, plus benefits.
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Categories: Administrative, Business, Nonprofit
Region: Central
Date Posted: December 2, 2021

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About Seed to Table
Building community through fresh vegetables is at the heart of the Sisters-based non-profit, Seed to Table Oregon. Based on a four-acre farm plot, Seed to Table feeds up to 600 families weekly and educates nearly 1,500 students per year. The mission of S2T is to increase the health and wellness of the Central Oregon community through providing equitable access to farm-fresh produce and through providing opportunities in farm-based education. Seed to Table envisions a community where people of all races, ages, sexual orientations, genders, abilities, geographies, and socioeconomic statuses have access to fresh produce and farm-based education. Seed to Table is an equal opportunity employer. Our board and staff are dedicated to following organic practices to provide fresh veggies that are nourishing, locally grown, and reflect the preferences of those we serve. At Seed to Table, we all participate in nearly every aspect of providing equitable access to produce and farm-based education to our community. Our team is excited to bring in  new team members. Our three main program areas are K-8 education, Feeding Families (produce production), and management of the Sisters Farmers Market.
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Sisters Farmers Market Manager and Outreach Coordinator
The first component of this position is to dedicate 25 hours weekly from March-October as the Sisters Farmers Market Manager (MM). The MM will be responsible for all aspects of coordinating the Sunday Farmers Market and ensuring that the event supports and builds upon the vision and mission of Seed to Table (S2T). Working in partnership with the S2T Executive Director and SFM Committee, the MM will work directly with vendors, sponsors, nonprofits and entertainers to provide a positive, community-centered market experience for attendees and vendors. The MM builds on the S2T mission by managing and implementing the market’s outreach plan, special events, and responding to issues that arise during the course of operations. The Manager is expected to run the market within the budget and is responsible for on-site management during market season, as well as a number of pre-season and post-season tasks. The second component of this position is to serve as S2T’s Outreach Coordinator, dedicating 10 hours per week on creatively and professionally managing and expanding S2T media outreach (Facebook, Instagram, newspaper, newsletters, etc.) to positively support S2T’s mission, programming and to promote partners.