Seeking New Land/Roommate on Bipoc Hemp Farm (Work Trade and Paid)

Company: Simply Sol LLc
Location: Molalla, OR
Compensation: 15/hr after 50 hrs of work trade in lieu of rent.
Employment Type: Full-Time, Internship / Apprentice, Part-Time
Job Categories: Agriculture
Region: North Willamette Valley, Portland Area
Date Posted: February 27, 2024

How to Apply

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Simply Sol is a BIPOC owned and operated hemp, medicinal herb and produce farm committed to cultivating medicines naturally and regeneratively for our community and beyond. We understand the importance of accessible medicines and have found that when in harmony with the environment, allies to health are all around us. Our experience has shown us that high quality healing crops can only be grown in an environment of balance, vitality and respect for the full circle of contributors large and microscopic. Another of our goals is to attempt to address the severe inequalities and inequities in the cannabis and farming industry in Oregon (and the wider U.S.) via providing a safe educational space for BIPOC folks and more, ultimately providing the direct experience based knowledge required for successful farming. Our farm currently grows on 6+ acres of the 25 acre property we own/steward outside of Southeast Portland in Molalla.

We are seeking either a person or couple willing to live on our farm and help with upkeep, cultivation and preparation of our hemp, medicinal herbs and products.

Tasks You Could Expect:

Watering and feeding (generally homemade ferments, etc. )
weed whacking, mowing and noxious weed management
propagation and pruning
harvesting and processing
soil building and compost management
some light construction or development projects occasionally
forest management and wood processing
resource development
potential for market support, etc.
light amount of livestock care

Preferred Experience (not required if a strong interest is shown and other qualities are well suited):

1 – 2 yrs. Caretaking, managing or assisting on a for profit agricultural farm
experience implementing and practicing sustainability techniques such as composting, cover cropping, crop rotation, companion planting, water conservation, biological IPM, etc.
Communal living or collaborative communities of some sort
Cannabis cultivation or industry experience
food and plant processing including, drying, preserving, cooking, etc.

What We Provide:

Bedroom in our home with sleeping loft an small office/floor space
organic produce from our gardens as well as other food provided for at least 2 meals a day
opportunity to development and practice techniques and/or builds while retaining personal equity
education, support and training in farm operations, regenerative techniques, product development and more
15/hr for all labor beyond 50 hour/ month work trade