Raw Materials Manager

Company: Mountain Rose Herbs
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Compensation: $72.8K ($35.00/hour) DOE.
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Categories: Agriculture, Production
Region: Mid Willamette Valley
Date Posted: March 8, 2021

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Location: Eugene, Oregon

This position must follow regulatory, Oregon Tilth regulations, Safety regulations, and GMP compliance at all times.

Supervised by: Director of Warehouse Operations (DWO)

General Description: This is a Full Time Position which requires working under strict deadlines. This position requires awareness and accountability of inventory and production practices, working in a heavy industrial warehouse environment and directly overseeing various areas of raw material powdering, cutting, reconditioning, and packaging. This position oversees the coordination of the personnel and workflow between initial receiving through preparation until released for production.

The starting wage for this position will be $72.8K ($35.00/hour) DOE.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities required:

  • Demonstrate an above average dedication to accountability, reliability, and integrity.
  • Capable of working efficiently and independently.
  • Must have the ability to communicate competently with the Director of Warehouse Operations (DWO), consistently with ongoing progress and especially for any questions, concerns or issues that arise.
  • Competently and reliably communicate both verbally and in writing with multiple departments and team members.
  • Commitment to following all safety protocols, proper material handling procedures and all applicable regulations.
  • Demonstrate a strong capacity to perform quick and accurate work with attention to detail and excellent organizational skills.
  • Ability to innovate receiving, inventory movement, processing of raw material to maximize efficiency while minimizing loss.
  • Familiarity and proficiency with the operation and upkeep of basic warehouse machinery such as pallet jacks, PIT (forklifts), and company vehicles
  • Familiarity and proficiency in operating food processing equipment to include equipment maintenance, regulations, hazards, and cleaning requirements.
  • Be able to train and monitor food safety regulations and standard operating procedures.
  • Position requires the ability to “shift gears” at a moment’s notice and have a professional demeanor.
  • Ability to work under pressure.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Dependability: is consistently at work and on time, follows instructions, responds to the DWO’s direction, and solicits feedback for improved performance.
  2. Following MRH procedures and protocols
  3. Supervises the daily workflow of all assigned staff. Conducts regular check-ins to ensure the overall efficiency.
  4. Gain ongoing knowledge of the raw herb product line, mesh sizes, and desired mesh sizes for standard, powders and production cuts. Design innovative methods for achieving these efficiently while reducing loss.
  5. Communicates effectively and timely with other MRH departments and locations as needed and under the direction of the DWO
  6. Works with the HR Director, Facilities Manager, QC Dept, Inventory Dept, Safety Manager, DWO, etc to ensure that all areas of the facility remain compliant with all governing regulations.
  7. Maintains a safe working environment and ensuring that all staff are following safety protocols and wearing correct PPE.
  8. Ensure GMP compliance and maintain the necessary conditions for same
    1. Train on all applicable QC/GMP regulations as well as Regulatory compliance issues
    2. Effectively manage and report any infestation issues that may arise to include proper quarantine procedures.
    3. Follows QC/Regulatory Compliance instructions concerning Department of Health, organic handling, Department of Weights and Measures, etc. under the guidance of the DWO
  9. Maintains current and complete personnel records and abides by all BOLI regulations.
  10. Monitors the upkeep and working condition of equipment within the department.
    1. Thoroughly trained in the operation of equipment such as the cutters, powder mills, conveyers and remediation equipment, auger filler, check weights machinery, label printers, etc. to have the ability to perform basic trouble shooting.
  11. Willingness to learn and perform new procedures, equipment, and technologies.
  12. The Manager should always be aware of, follow, and enforce rules laid out not only in the Employee Handbook but any/all applicable laws and guidelines for employee privacy, confidentiality, etc.
  13. Responsible for investigating inaccuracies, problems, and other system breakdowns as they occur. Work with the DWO by presenting solutions and implement needed improvements as determined. Ensuring ongoing monitoring and follow through on any noted and/or potentially problematic areas.
  14. Researching and correcting discrepancies within multiple systems
  15. Maintain exact and accurate documentation (both written and electronically) of material movements/processes.
  16. Ensuring the accuracy of paperwork and material prepped for shipment to 3rd party facilities.
  17. Maintaining detailed inventory records for all incoming products
  18. Conducting regular audits for quality and accuracy
  19. Responsible for the overall care and condition of the material at all times and the continuous compliance with FDA, USDA, Oregon Tilth, GMP, Fair Trade, Kosher, and other applicable regulations.
  20. Ensuring efficient inter-warehouse transfers and deliveries
  21. Assisting in improving/migrating/innovating current inventory control systems
  22. Must possess a complete understanding of all aspects of receiving and distribution.
  23. Ensure a continuoual-improvement environment that is measured by key performance indicators including labor and productivity metrics.
  24. Manage all incoming raw materials, conduct inventory audits, and maintain processing priorities to ensure material is released for production in a timely manner.
  25. Other duties as assigned.