Ranch Manager

Company: River's Blessings LLC
Location: 90322 Highway 42 S, Coquille, OR 97423
Compensation: $30,000/year, housing included
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Categories: Agriculture, Production
Region: Coastal
Date Posted: August 28, 2019

How to Apply

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Love animals?  Love the environment?

Willing to work hard and build a great team?

River’s Blessings LLC’s current farm manager needs to switch to managing our new fiber mill!  We need the right person to manage the ranch and animal operations.

Our goal is regenerative agriculture – manage the land in a way that builds soil and keeps our animals healthy.  We have ~350 Icelandic sheep with their faithful Maremma protectors, a couple hundred pastured hens, a few cows, ducks, geese.  We are getting our fencing and water systems right for management intensive grazing.

Work varies with the season – winters are focused in the barns and maintenance; springtime is lambing and transition to pasture; summers we manage the animals on pasture, compost bedding in the barns, and get hay in; fall is breeding / market decisions.

We have the basic equipment and infrastructure to use and maintain, with expansion underway – pasture water system, fencing, outbuildings, trucks, trailers, tractors and a skid steer – these are the kinds of skills we need to cover across the staff.  For larger, trickier, urgent projects we hire focused help.

We need your enthusiasm on board as we continue to grow and build our tight team.

Read about us here: https://RiversBlessings.com.