Propagation House and Greenhouse Manager

Company: Sun Love Farm
Location: Oregon City, OR
Compensation: $19-$21/ hr depending on experience Gear stipend of $200 provided after 1 month hire (must submit receipts after purchase) As many veggies as you like! 40 hrs PTO each calendar year 40 hrs sick time that is front loaded on January 1 based on Portland Protected Sick Time Law Education stipend available. Season end bonus based on season’s profits. ***A bonus is not guaranteed and is based on the year’s profits or losses.
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Categories: Agriculture
Region: Portland Area
Date Posted: January 9, 2024

How to Apply

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Farm Overview

Sun Love Farm is a diverse certified naturally grown vegetable located in Oregon City, OR, just 20 minutes from Portland.  We grow about 3 acres and have been growing food out here since 2015. We primarily tend the land by hand with the help of our two BCS walk behind tractors and some innovative small farm tools (flame weeder, paper pot planter, electric sprayer).  We sell produce through our 120 member home delivery CSA program and two Farmer’s Markets ( Oregon City and Milwaukie). We have a small crew of approximately 7 employees during peak season, some part time and some full time. We love growing good food and are always trying to grow the highest quality crop possible while caring for the soil as best we can. We try to have a positive and cohesive working environment, and enjoy chatting with one another as we work and always try to eat lunch together. The farm owner (Melissa) has young children, so the culture of the farm is built up around being flexible to people’s needs in their personal life. 


Job Summary

The propagation house and greenhouse manager will be responsible for all the plants in the propagation house and  our four 20×96 greenhouses. They will help to create the propagation house plan, and then will follow that plan, making weekly lists of the necessary plants to seed that week and then leading the crew in making sure that those crops are seeded appropriately. They will use a germination chamber, heat mats, an emergency heater, fans, and shade cloth to make sure that plants are kept at appropriate temperatures. They will be responsible for making sure that plants are receiving the necessary fertility to thrive. They will be responsible for making sure the plants are watered an appropriate amount.  They will regularly communicate with the field manager and farm owner  to make sure that all necessary farm tasks are completed. In addition to managing the propagation and greenhouses, they will participate in all the other tasks of a small diverse vegetable farm, including weeding, planting, field prep, harvesting, and packing. 



Propagation House Manager  (25%)

  • Communicating with farm manager and propagation/greenhouse manager about the weekly tasks and coming up with weekly propagation and greenhouse task lists in google docs to be sent to the crew on Mondays. 
  • Walking the greenhouses each week with farm owner and field manager to look for pest, disease, fertility, or weeding  issues that need to be mitigated 
  • Will always function as point person for propagation house tasks and greenhouse tasks and will be the point person for the farm in general  if the field manager and owner are unavailable. 
  • Co-Leading  morning crew meetings on Wednesday and Thursday where we discuss the tasks of the day. Assigning crew members to propagation house and greenhouse tasks and training them in those tasks. 
  • Keeping a positive and constructive work environment where all crew members can thrive in their position 
  • Leading crew in correctly seeding each crop through specific instructions and check ins
  • Making sure that crops are put in the correct place for best germination (germ chamber vs heat mats vs shade )
  • Make sure that plants are watered and fertilized appropriately
  • Support owner and farm manager in creating annual planting plan for the farm’s crops and for plant starts for farmer’s market sales

Greenhouse Manager (15%)

  • Make weekly lists of tasks to do in the greenhouses in order to stay up to date on the planting plan (google docs and google sheets)
  • Lead crew in completing these tasks, which might include weeding with hand tools, seeding with jang and earthway seeders, using the bcs, weed whacking, planting, pest and disease management , irrigation and trellising 

Field and Harvest Crew (55%)

  • Harvest and pack crops to exceptional standards 2 days a week for CSA and Farmer’s Market
  • Follow the field manager’s lead to complete necessary field tasks which might include moving ground cover, putting down row cover, weeding with hand tools, seeding with jang and earthway seeders, using the bcs, weed whacking, planting, pest and disease management , irrigation and trellising 

Infrastructure (5%)

  • Supporting in repairing and building necessary farm infrastructure, including building seeding tables, repairing and building greenhouses, and 


Minimum Qualifications

  • 2 full seasons working on a diverse vegetable farm. Ideally 3 seasons. 
  • Ample experience in the propagation house- including packing trays, seeding different crops, regulating air flow and temperature, and disease management 
  • Experience with drip irrigation
  • Experience with long handled tools
  • Experience with small scale equipment such as weed whacker or bcs
  • Experience with irrigation
  • Experience with pest and disease management on a diverse vegetable farm
  • Experience managing people
  • Able to work in adverse weather conditions (cold, rain, heat) for a full 8 hour work day and keep a positive attitude.
  • Great attention to detail for harvesting and packing shares
  • Reliable
  • Excellent communication- will communicate clearly about scheduling changes and any conflict that needs to be worked through. 
  • A positive  and constructive attitude 
  • Able to lift 50 lbs many times throughout the day
  • Able to work efficiently for long periods during the cold, heat, wind, and rain
  • Commitment to working the full farm season (through November 20) 
  • Reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license. 
  • Flexible (hours can change due to heat, smoke, and cold.) 
  • Able to work independently and as a team


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Curiosity in learning more and growing in your farming skills
  • Able to work well with others
  • Loves working outside
  • A desire to notice and improve farm systems to make them function better. 
  • Carpentry skills
  • Mechanical skills
  • Able to drive a manual vehicle
  • Able to repeatedly carry 50 lbs