Company: Peoples Company
Location: Umatilla County, Oregon
Compensation: Compensation will consist of a base salary and performance bonus.
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Categories: Administrative, Agriculture, Business, Production
Region: Eastern
Date Posted: February 12, 2020

How to Apply

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Peoples Company is seeking an experienced organic farm manager to oversee a ~3,000 acre agricultural asset in northeastern Oregon approximately 15 miles southwest of Walla Walla, Washington for one of its investment clients. The asset consists of an established organic crop operation, vineyard, and cattle feedlot. The farm manager will be employed by the investment client and report to the client and Peoples Company. Compensation will consist of a base salary and performance bonus. If interested, please send your resume to Dave Muth,


The Farm Manager should have the following characteristics: results-oriented, trustworthy, knowledgeable, responsive, organized, ethical, responsible, strong communication skills, personable, driven, self-directed, and have a strong background in agriculture. Spanish language skills are helpful.

Preferred candidates will have a 4-year degree in agronomy and/or agriculture business fields. 5+ years of on-farm operating experience is preferred. Organic operating experience is required.

Experience managing employees in an agricultural operations setting is required. This includes administering standard operating procedures, safety programs, and digital agricultural reporting platforms.


The Farm Manager will be responsible for overseeing an organic crop operation, heifer-conditioning feedlot operation, vineyard, ~10 employees, detailed financial and operational record-keeping, and marketing relationships. The Farm Manager will facilitate discussions regarding financial and non-financial goals through written plans to address ownership concerns. The manager will recommend management plans to align with the goals of the landowner. The Farm Manager will also network with local agricultural advocates, researchers, and retailers to educate the landowner and employees about market conditions and the operational impacts of those conditions while encouraging a conservation-focused approach to land management.


Representation and Negotiation – Act as a liaison for landowner and invested parties when dealing with employees, FSA and NRCS offices, etc. Facilitate discussions regarding financial and non-financial goals with the landowner to develop a written plan to address their ownership concerns. Advocate for the landowner’s goals in all operation and management activities. Become a trusted resource to which the landowner can turn with any and all questions to ensure the landowner feels comfortable and secure in knowing they will not be put at a disadvantage in establishing an equitable operation.

Plan Implementation – Work with the landowner and other invested parties to implement a management plan to align with the goals of the landowner and invested parties. Monitor and record all farm operations. Maintain ongoing, open communication with the landowner and other invested parties as to the progress of the plan. Oversee all daily farm activities according to the management plan including:

  1. Carry out organic crop system operations
  2. Manage vineyard production
  3. Oversee cattle feedlot and dairy heifer conditioning operation
  4. Implement standard operating procedures
  5. Create and implement safety protocols
  6. Implement technology
  7. Manage employees


Communications – Utilize and enforce employee operating procedures for use of work order and data tracking systems. Keep all digital information up to date and available for landowner to monitor. Support regular update calls (as often as weekly) with Peoples Company and/or the landowner. Deliver reports on progress toward the business plan. Effectively keep employees engaged and executing work through standard operating procedures.

Marketing – Network with existing customers and build relationships with potential customers for the crop operation, vineyard, and cattle operations. Integrate marketing relationships into annual management plan in response to the market and customer demand.

Accounting Management – Collaborate with accounting department to provide accurate, quarterly financial reports in QuickBooks format. Manage and analyze budgets for the crop and feedlot operations.

Compliance – Track and manage all compliance items on the land including, but not limited to USDA and FSA reporting requirements, organic certifications, CAFO requirements etc. Ensure all contracts, leases, etc. are formally written documents that comply with the respective law of each state in which the farm is located and managed. Maintain and record all required organic certification documents and records and renew organic certifications.

Farm Improvements – Seek potential opportunities for growth and development of the crop operations, vineyard, and feedlot operation. Identify areas for farm improvement and lead cleanup efforts.



  • 100% compliance with state and national organizations.
  • 100% accounting accuracy on all record keeping and accounting.
  • 100% complete files including soil testing, yield data, fertilizer and chemical application reports, etc.
  • 100% compliance with all USDA organic certification requirements.
  • Consistent communication with landowner, employees, and other invested parties.