Medicinal Herb Farm Internship at Still Moon Farm with Rogue Farm Corps

Company: Still Moon Farm, through RFC's internship program
Location: Jacksonville, OR
Compensation: Stipend amounts depend on a full or part-time position: Full time - $ 1200/ month. Intern is expected to live on farm Part time - $ 500-1000/ month, depending on training schedule
Employment Type: Full-Time, Internship / Apprentice, Part-Time
Job Categories: Agriculture, Education
Region: Southern
Date Posted: January 12, 2022

How to Apply

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Still Moon Farm is a family run farm & homestead nestled in the mountainous Applegate Valley, in our Rogue Valley Chapter. Still Moon Farm is Certified Organic with Wild Harvest certification as well. The main focus is on East Asian medicinal plants, which include many perennial plants, row crops, vines, bushes, and trees used in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine. They actively cultivate around 3/4 of an acre of the 114 acre property. They sell directly to practitioners, a distributor,  to tea purveyors, and apothecaries. Additionally, they have a homestead garden that grows some vegetables, fruits, and berries for personal consumption. They do annual forestry work to support the ecosystem of the surrounding property.  Marketing is primarily through word of mouth and through a small nonprofit that brings together over 10 West Coast farmers to bulk supplies for larger orders. Still Moon is an LGBTQ BIPOC friendly farm, located within a community that is actively learning and pushing the norms of our cultural blind spots. Farmers Jonathan and Andrew are looking for one RFC intern to join the crew this season. On-farm training will include seeding, nursery care, planting, cultivation, and harvesting. Additionally food preparation & preservation, forestry, basic medicinal uses of plants, small scale tincture making, and other herb processing is possible. Read more about Still Moon Farm here: