Livestock Operations Manager

Company: Wallow and Root Pasture Farm
Location: Sandy,OR
Compensation: Salary, 50k
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Categories: Agriculture
Region: Portland Area
Date Posted: May 12, 2021

How to Apply

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Wallow & Root Pasture Farm is located in Sandy, Oregon, about 40 minutes East of Portland.

At Wallow & Root, it’s definitely part of our mission to bring beautifully delicious and sustainably, humanely and pasture raised Heritage Pork to our community. And we plan on doing just that through Piccone’s Corner, our whole animal butcher shop, restaurant and bar opening in early 2021.

But we aren’t stopping there— we are actively participating in the evolving process of shifting our food system to a better one.

Our guiding purpose is to cultivate a reconsidered framework for our local food industry. We want to play a meaningful role in the realization of a more conscious food economy in the Pacific Northwest by approaching every part of our industry with the question: “Is this interaction practicing love and respect for people, animals, land, food, and culture?”

Our goal is a positive and significant change in our personal, and collective, experiences of agriculture and food in the Pacific Northwest.

We are looking for team members that are excited about these ambitions and want to be part of an inclusive and thoughtful workplace. We work to foster a community of integrity and justice, and prioritize equitable access for those historically marginalized and exploited by the food industry. BIPOC, immigrants, women, and LGBTQ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.


The Livestock Operations Manager’s  job is to manage the overall operations of Wallow & Root Farm, ensure animal welfare and staff safety are consistently being practiced as top priority.  You will oversee a staff of 2-4 people throughout the year and work closely with the Owner/Operator to move the farm forward in it’s yearly goals. 

Our livestock herds we currently have: Hogs, Icelandic Sheep, Mini Nubian Goats and seasonal Turkeys.



  • Strong familiarity with commercial livestock production
  • Knowledge base or familiarity with hogs
  • 2 years of livestock management experience
  • 2 years experience with medium to large scale CAFO
  • Experience with tractors: driving, maneuvering, changing implements, functions of implements.
  • Experience with driving and maneuvering of livestock trailers and dump trailers.
  • Experience with management of compost
  • Experience with pasture management


  • Educational background in agriculture
  • Chainsaw certification
  • Knowledge of sheep, goats, turkey and other poultry
  • Experience with large power tools
  • Carpentry
  • Grain milling
  • Rain diversion
  • Experience with nutrition composition of feed

Personal Qualifications 

  • Be punctual and in appropriate attire
  • Pay strong attention to detail and ability to keep things tidy, organized and clean.
  • Possess a strong sense of pride and ownership in your work. 
  • The ability to be flexible with the pace of work and stay focused with the task at hand.
  • Work in a team environment and support your fellow team members.
  • Maintain awareness of our critical objectives. Practice being thorough. 
  • Take direction and constructive criticism from your superiors  in stride.
  • Maintain favorable and non-partisan working relationships with all company employees.
  • Ask questions, keep learning, stay positive


 All employees must adhere to company safety precautions during Covid. This includes wearing a mask, social distancing as feasibly as possible, hand-washing and not coming to work sick or if exposed to a sick person.

Due to the rapid spread, change and risk of exposure for covid; Wallow and Root reserves the right to make changes to company policy and safety protocols. These changes can be immediate and will be notified to staff in writing or in person within a 24 hour period. 


ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (include but are not limited to)

  • Understanding and respect for the dynamics of livestock management and the boundary conditions of our management systems. These are in practice for a reason: our dedication to animal welfare above all else.
  • Be mindful of the animals and their welfare. Notice trapped, escaped, sick, injured, or dead livestock and take appropriate action. 
  • Assist with any medical attention that livestock may need, which includes but is not limited to: castrations, farrowing, lambing,kidding, administering medications and wound care.
  • Keep appropriate documentation of animal injury and sickness for veterinary intervention.
  • Report any HR or animal welfare concerns to the owner IMMEDIATELY. 
  • Keep up to date with our CAFO guidelines and AWMP.
  • Assist in keeping records for ODA purposes, Water Usage and livestock inventory.
  • Be mindful of pasture health and rotation of livestock.
  • Plan pasture set-up in accordance with livestock inventory and pasture health
  • Perform Farmhand duties as necessary to ensure quality of livestock care and completion of projects.
  • Train staff on proper use of equipment on the farm
  • Supervise a team of Farmhands ensuring a safe, clean, and well-organized working environment.
  • Set and enforce performance and standards for staff.
  • Assign daily and weekly tasks consistently (For example, daily and weekly animal care, equipment cleaning, organization etc)
  • Follow reporting protocols implemented by the Owner
  • Train and educate new hires.
  • Set schedule for staff.
  • Maintain time clock for Farmhands.
  • Conduct regular staff meetings to ensure a consistent line of communication.
  • Develop and implement reporting protocols and be responsible for staff logging activities.
  • Ensure the operation of equipment, common farm tools and small hand tools is being done by staff safely and according to their designated purpose or specification.
  • Schedule repairs and maintenance of equipment, truck and trailers on and off the farm.
  • Ensure appropriate awareness and caution around dangerous equipment is being practiced.
  • Assist in communication with contractors and oversee completion of projects on the ground.


  • Hours may be scheduled between 6am and 7pm, hours vary seasonally. 
  • Position requires weekend and holiday availability
  • Position requires a willingness to work outdoors and in all weather conditions. 
  • Position requires prolonged standing, bending, stooping, twisting, lifting products and supplies weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • Must work with hot, cold, and hazardous equipment.
  • FLSA: Exempt