Field Production Assistant

Company: Minto Island Growers
Location: Salem, OR
Compensation: $13/hour
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Categories: Agriculture
Region: Mid Willamette Valley, North Willamette Valley
Date Posted: February 4, 2020

How to Apply

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Minto Island Growers is seeking applicants for the Field Production Assistant for the 2020 production season. This position requires and cultivates an extremely diverse skill set while providing the necessary tools and training to dig deeper into the mechanics of a working organic farm. Duties range from irrigation, seeding, tillage, cultivating, fertilizing, and cover cropping. There is a strong emphasis on the operation of farm machinery, including trucks, trailers, and tractors. Specific field duties include operating tractors and implements including mowers, discs, rototillers, under-cutters, seeders, grain drills and cultivation tools like sweeps, knives, basket and tine-weeders. It is the Field Production Assistant’s responsibility, in cooperation with the Farm Owner and the Field Production Manager, to properly monitor and manage the crops, both in the field and in the greenhouses, including keeping necessary records.


The ideal candidate would have 2-3 years experience on a diversified agricultural farm and would be looking to dive deeper into the more skilled production work such as cultivation, seeding, and cover-cropping. MIG is very interested in supporting potential crew members who have a strong intellectual engagement and looking to make multi-year commitment to a farm.


In addition to field responsibilities, a good portion of every workweek is dedicated to working alongside the rest of the farm crew on regular tasks like transplanting, weeding, as well as harvesting, processing and packing for the CSA and other accounts.


This position requires a comprehensive understanding of the various jobs that are necessary throughout the growing season, and to be able to anticipate and adapt to seasonal shifts. Creative problem solving is required daily, as is the ability to maintain an even-keeled disposition in the face of often difficult, yet rewarding, work. Being a small, tight-knit farm, MIG seeks people who thrive working alone as well as in groups, as the workweek invariably requires both. We also strive to build a team of diverse yet likeminded individuals who share a passion for sustainable agriculture and find fulfillment in meaningful work. Currently we have a very experienced and dedicated team who is excited to welcome new folks to add to the energy knowledge base of our farm.


The average workweek consists of 8-10 hour days (40-50 hours per week) with occasional longer days expected during the peak production months of May through September. Regardless of experience, applicants must be highly motivated and focused on speed, efficiency, and quality of work. Vegetable production work is strenuous and physically demanding, and applicants must be confident in their ability to efficiently perform this work on a daily basis and throughout the production season. A positive and flexible attitude is a must.

About the Farm

Minto Island Growers is a 30 acre diversified farm and nursery located in South Salem next to Minto Brown Island Park. Certified organic produce is sold through a 230-member CSA, the Salem Saturday Market, an on-site Farm Stand, and other local outlets. Two acres of blueberries and strawberries are opened for U-Pick and picked for farm-direct sales, plus a Farm Food Cart located at the Farm Stand provides seasonal, farm-sourced lunches for customers. Other nursery projects include mint propagation as well as maintaining several acres of Camellia sinensis tea—Oregon’s oldest and only commercial scale tea planting. The family farm history includes a native plant nursery and many restoration and forestry projects that still shape the landscape and ethic of our farm, leaving wetland areas and diverse wildlife habitat. Our farm is deeply rooted in the community and we pride ourselves in having an enthusiastic and supportive customer base that shapes our work as farmers.