Farming Family for Caretaking Position at Sunny Slope Organics

Company: Sunny Slope Organics, LLC
Location: Newport, Oregon
Compensation: $18,000 per year starting salary with potential for paid vacation & profit sharing.
Employment Type: Part-Time
Job Categories: Agriculture
Region: Coastal
Date Posted: September 29, 2021

How to Apply

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ISO Family with two to three working adults to support livestock maintenance, gardening/farming and house cleaning.

Three main positions to fill.

  1. Livestock caretaking. Ducks, chickens, goats, pigs, dogs, turkeys. Morning caretaking includes milking, feeding, watering and letting animals out. (1.5 to 2 hours, 4 to 5 days per week). Evening caretaking includes feeding, watering, locking animals up for the night (1 hour, 4 to 5 days per week). Fence-line maintenance, rain barrel maintenance, enclosure cleaning and other general livestock related tasks.  Must be able to lift and carry 50 lbs., move bales of alfalfa and hay, carry water buckets and be stable on uneven ground.  Must love animals.  (12-20 hours per week, depending on seasonal needs)
  2. Cleaning and maintaining farm stay guest rental when guests are booked.  Some farmhouse dusting, vacuuming & cleaning intermittently. Must be trustworthy, efficient and conscientious about doing a good job.  (2-6 hours per week depending on seasonal needs)
  3. Experienced gardener needed to help maintain and improve existing landscaping, juvenile orchard, extensive perennial fruit, flower & herb beds, begin harvesting and marketing produce summer of 2022.  Must be experienced enough to intuitively know what needs to be done to grow and harvest food from the garden such as when to water, weed, pick bugs, harvest, pull out and replace plants. Maintain compost, improve soil fertility, maintain & run gravity fed drip irrigation.  This is an organic farm and we do not use pesticides or herbicides and we do not own a tractor.  Our beds are mostly permaculture, but we do till our annual vegetable beds.  Profit sharing incentive of 20% of produce sold will go to the gardener who can help us generate revenue from this part of our farm. (5-20 hours per week depending on seasonal needs)

The work package of about 25-30 hours total per week (split between 2-3 people) could be traded for a three-bedroom condominium in town to provide housing security.  The ideal family will be able to cross train and cover for one another.  One member of the family should be able to spend the night and caretake when the farm owners leave town.  The ideal candidates would have other jobs to earn income, have good references, be trustworthy, honest, reliable, hard working and physically fit.  The gardening and livestock caretaking aspects of this job require walking up and down hills repeatedly on a daily basis in addition to physical strength to lift and carry things while walking up and down hills on uneven ground.  Health insurance coverage (in case of an accident), a valid driver’s license and car to get back and forth between work and the condo or your own home are also necessary.  Long term commitment desired.