Farmhand / Internship

Company: Elemental Acres
Location: Goble, OR
Compensation: Internship in trade for room, board, utilities, and meals
Employment Type: Internship / Apprentice
Job Categories: Agriculture
Date Posted: July 19, 2021

How to Apply

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Elemental Acres is a small veteran owned 27 acre farm outside Rainier, OR. We are looking for a Farmhand for an internship with a minimum 3 month commitment starting immediately. We would provide private living accommodations and most meals in exchange for 20 hrs of farm work/week. Additional possible opportunity to learn/use handyman/construction skills (for pay) as well with our contracting business. Veteran’s preference will be given.

We have around 150 chickens; ages ranging from a day old to a couple of years. We also have 7 adult heritage Narragansett turkeys with 28 poults currently. In addition we are preservation breeders of certified pure Meishan pigs; never heard of them? You should totally check them out. Pretty special animals. We also have 2 very friendly dogs a cat and 2 lovable goats.

We raise all of the birds organically and free range. Full disclosure – Some chickens/turkeys are for breeding and eggs and some are raised for meat. All are handled and cared for with the utmost respect and love and all processing is done on site and mostly by hand in the most humane ways possible.

There is also about a 1/4 acre fenced garden space. We would expect help there as well and you will be able to use/consume the produce you help to grow.  So if sustainable living is one of your 2021 goals this is a great opportunity to learn!

We would be asking for a total of 20 hrs a week, spread over 4 days total (2 x 8 hrs days and 2 days of just morning chores) in exchange for room/board (all utilities and Starlink Satellite internet included) and meals on the 4 work days. Scheduling can be somewhat flexible if you have an outside job.

You MUST be:

  • 19+ yrs old
  • Have a reliable vehicle
  • Be a Hard Worker – That is number one. If you don’t have stamina, can’t work long or early hours, can’t work in the cold, the rain, the heat or the mud, you won’t be a good fit for our farm.
  • Teachable and Passionate – We are looking for someone who is passionate about their desire to farm and who may one day start their own farm. Someone who will dive in head-first to see what farming is all about.
  • Adaptable – Be able to follow directions, willing to learn and, once trained, be able to be self-directed. Feed amounts are often fluctuating based on the number of animals in a coop/pen and ages and stages of growth and development. You will need to be able to observe, determine if current amounts are sufficient and make necessary adjustments.  You will learn this over time but must be able to adapt to (and make) changes.
  • Reliable and Dependable – Not just for us but also for the animals. Feeding times are not negotiable and consistency is an absolute necessity. Once a week ALL coops MUST be cleaned. It’s not hard and only takes a few hours but it is absolutely vital for the health of the animals that this happens, without fail and without having to be reminded, on the weeks that you would be scheduled for this task. Initially this would be accomplished together. Wellness and health checks through regular observation are important. It’s as simple as paying attention and listening to the sounds the animals make. Hear or see something not quite right? Just ask or pass the info on. You have to be willing to learn to treat injuries or illness.
  • Physically Able – Ability to lift 50 lbs repeatedly. Can stand for long periods of time, and squat, crouch, bend and lift. Handle string line trimming equipment and operate machinery. You will be trained on our tractor.  There is a lot of land work necessary to be accomplished to include clearing fences, cutting and clearing brush, fence building, weeding etc.
  • Respectful – Of us, our home and all the animals. Sometimes frustrating things happen; you must be able to keep your head and treat the animals and us with respect, always. We will do the same in return.
  • Clean and Sober – No illegal drugs, no exceptions. Marijuana use will only be tolerated while not “on duty” and never in any of our buildings; to include the RV you will be living in. You need to be able to remember instructions. Mistakes happen, but constantly “forgetting” tasks will only lead to problems. Reasonable and safe alcohol use is fine. But don’t be intoxicated while working or too hungover in the morning to do the work.
  • Committed – You must be willing to make a minimum 3 month commitment to this. August 1st (or sooner if available) through October 31st. If you like it and wish to stay then it may work out for longer. Ideally we would love to find someone that is interested in being a part of the sustainable farm community we are trying to build.
  • Communicate – Everyone knows that good honest communication is the key to all relationships.  The ability to communicate clearly with the owners/other workers is a must. Don’t say you will do something if you are not going to follow through.  My word is my bond and I do expect the same of you.  In kind, if you are overwhelmed and need to slow down you need to be willing and able to say so as well.
  • Open Minded – We feel strongly about our farm being a judgement free zone. If you have any racist/xenophobic/homophobic/anti-(insert pretty much anything here) feelings this probably isn’t a good fit. It’s OK to have strong opinions as long as you can be respectful when others have theirs. All visitors to the farm will be treated politely and respectfully; no exceptions.If you’ve made it this far and are still interested then contact us and we can schedule a visit to the farm for an interview. Thank you for reading!