Farm Worker/Market Vendor/ Delivery Driver

Company: Sun Love Farm
Location: Oregon City, OR
Compensation: $13/hr with as much veggies as you like
Employment Type: Part-Time
Job Categories: Agriculture
Region: Portland Area
Date Posted: May 26, 2020

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Sun Love Farm

Position- Farm Worker/Market Vendor/Delivery Driver (regular part- time, average of 20-32 hours/ week, July-October. Possibility of expanded hours in August and September)

Sun Love Farm is a small mixed vegetable farm in Oregon City, OR (about 30 minutes from downtown Portland) We grow about 2 acres of vegetables on a 7 acre farm. All the produce is certified- naturally grown- grown beyond organic standards with sustainability and the health of the earth in mind. We have a CSA program that delivers directly to people’s homes, and we attend 2 farmers markets- Oregon City and Milwaukie. We also sell to a local food co-op, organizations, and a couple restaurants.

The owner of the farm is expecting a second child in August, so this position is primarily a maternity leave position. We also have one full time farm manager, and another part time farm worker.

Due to Covid19, we follow social distancing at the farm as much as possible and require frequent hand washing, sanitizing, and mask wearing when working in close quarters. As an expectant mother, I am trying to be extra aware of health and not contracting Covid19. Any potential employee is expected to follow these standards.

The regular hours of this position will start in July (likely 20 hrs/week). They may pick up to 32 hours a week in August and September, and go down to 16-24 hrs/wk in October. There may be irregular hours available immediately as well.

Work typically starts 7-8am, and finishes 4-5 pm.

Days that will be required in July include Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

August-September Tuesday will be added.

In a nutshell, I am looking for someone with at least 1 season of farm experience, although people who have no farm experience, but are motivated to learn and hard working can also apply. The primary tasks from July-October will be 1 day a week of CSA delivery (you must be able to drive a standard vehicle, and be willing to drive a small trailer), harvesting and packing high quality produce, and working the Saturday Oregon City Farmer’s Market as a vendor. Other work may include weeding, transplanting, weeding, weedwacking, and other farm tasks.

Job Tasks

  • Harvest– harvest crops to high quality standards for market and CSA
  • Packing Boxes for CSA/Market- Accurately packing pre-orderded boxes for Farmer’s Market and CSA
  • Oregon City Farmer’s Market- all the bits of pieces of working a farmer’s market. Loading up the truck, setting up a beautiful booth, and selling to customer’s at market. Following extra health and safety standards due to Covid19. You may be working this market solo at times, and may also have a second support person.
  • Delivery Driver- once a week deliveries (typically about 30 within a 15 mile radius of the farm) using a 1989 standard pick up truck. This is typically 5-6 hours of delivering.
  • Weeding– use hoes, wheel hoes, flame weeders and hand tools to keep crops as clean as possible

Job Requirements

  • Ideally, 1 season of farm experience, preferably in organic small scale agriculture. People who have no farm experience, but are motivated to learn and hard working can also apply.
  • Must be able to safely drive a standard vehicle with a small trailer (willing to train a candidate in driving with a trailer, but you absolutely must be able to drive standard)
  • Detail oriented, specifically in terms of harvesting high quality produce and accurately packing boxes.
  • Good customer service skills- able to keep a smile and be helpful to the many farmer’s market customers at the OC Market
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs, frequently.
  • Able to work long hours in adverse conditions
  • Reliable transportation
  • Good communication skills
  • Ideally, experience harvesting and washing vegetables
  • Able to work independently for long periods of time.
  • Can stay focused on tasks for long periods
  • Curiosity and willingness to learn new things
  • Able to keep a positive attitude in adverse conditions
  • Preferably, a love for good food