Farm Crew

Company: Bethel Springs Farm
Location: 7525 Zena Rd, Rickreall, OR 97371
Compensation: Beginning at $13/hr
Employment Type: Full-Time, Part-Time
Job Categories: Agriculture
Region: Mid Willamette Valley
Date Posted: March 18, 2021

How to Apply

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Positions available:

Two positions open, One full-time and one part-time


Job Description:

The Farm Crew is critical to the success of Bethel Springs Farm. The crew is involved in most aspects of growing and selling produce and eggs. Some tasks are repetitive and tedious, performed on a daily or weekly basis, and some tasks are one-off seasonal jobs. The work can be hot and sweaty or wet and hand-numbing, and, at least once a season, there is a perfect 70 degree day. The one thing we think it always is, is completely satisfying and amazing. You will see the results of your work. And we will appreciate your efforts.

The Farm Crew is supervised by the Owner and Farm Manager, Michelle, or the designated Crew Leader. Generally, the tasks will be supervised, with enough direction provided so that the Farm Crew can accomplish their work with little prior experience.

Typical tasks will include, but are not limited to: harvesting, washing, bunching, weighing, packing and labeling produce/orders, keeping records, washing harvest bins, cleaning work areas, starting seeds, potting up starts, planting, watering/irrigation, pruning, trellising, hoeing, raking, weeding, handling row cover, checking and setting gopher/vole/mice traps, watering/feeding chickens, moving fences.


Expectations of Employee:

  • Interested in and/or familiar with vegetables, gardening, farming, chickens, and/or organic growing methods
  • Has common sense and is a problem-solver
  • Will think about safe and efficient ways to accomplish tasks
  • Follows farm health and safety protocols, and uses protective equipment as needed, especially concerning COVID-19 (will wear a mask, as needed, when working in proximity to others)
  • Is energetic, has good stamina, and will work in all weather conditions and for extended periods of standing, kneeling, bending and repetitive tasks
  • Can lift 40lbs
  • Has good attention to detail and will harvest to high quality standards
  • Listens well, follows directions, and works to improve with constructive feedback
  • Works independently and can work with a team
  • Gets along with others and respects diversity
  • Has a positive attitude, encourages others, asks questions, communicates well



Full-time: 40 hrs/wk, May through October, part time in November (potential for more time in November and December), 8-10 hours per day, beginning at 7 am (exact schedule has some flexibility, to be determined)

Part-time: 20hrs/wk, June through September, minimally, possibly May through October, Tuesdays and Fridays required, 8-10 hours per day, beginning at 7 am (exact schedule has some flexibility, to be determined)



  • Beginning at $13/hr
  • farm produce, vegetable starts


About Bethel Springs Farm:

Bethel Springs Farm is a small certified-organic market farm located in Polk County, about 15 miles northwest of Salem. The address is 7525 Zena Rd, Rickreall, OR 97371. The owners, Steven and Michelle Burger, are second career farmers. This season, the farm will have 2 full time and 1 part time employees. We grow a wide variety of produce to sell at a seasonal weekly farmers market in Portland and a farm stand that is currently in a pandemic variation. We have a short list of custom orders in Portland for weekly delivery. We wholesale to LifeSource Natural Foods.

Bethel Springs Farm uses three hoop houses, one of which is a propagation house. Our cultivated area in vegetable production is approximately 3 acres. We also have 1/2 to 1 acre in fruit trees. We grow almost everything on a raised bed system using mostly drip irrigation. Our farm is gradually mechanizing but still relies on hand labor for cultivation. We have a comfortable packing area in a new pole barn, that we are still working to complete.

We currently have two cats and 30 chickens.