Even Pull Farm “Sous” Farmer

Company: Even Pull Farm
Location: Amity, OR
Compensation: $3200/month
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Categories: Agriculture
Region: North Willamette Valley
Date Posted: January 4, 2022

How to Apply

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Sous Farmer

  • Full-time, year-round, salaried position

  • Start date: February 2022

  • One year commitment required

  • 3-week focused trial period before full commitment

Job Description

This person’s role will be to execute daily farming tasks. You will be a crucial part of the Even Pull Farm team, working closely and daily with “Head Farmer” Beth and leading our team to ensure we get our daily work done, are set up for success when it comes to our sales goals, and to keep the gears rolling when Beth needs to step out of the day-to-day to attend to other parts of the business.

Much as in a restaurant kitchen, where a sous chef works to support the executive chef by taking on the execution of daily prep and service, this will be a very similar role where we (the “Sous” Farmer & Beth) will work closely to ensure the necessary tasks are getting done every day, and also to build and maintain a fun & supportive workplace culture for our crew. This “Sous” Farmer position will require someone who is all-in on farming, passionate about growing incredible food, who is looking to actively learn and grow your skills in agriculture and team leadership, and ready to jump in with both feet!


  • Execute critical weekly operations of the farm, including:

    • Harvest (2-4 days/week)

    • Planting

    • Crop & general field maintenance

    • Farmers market sales

  • Lead the crew on the day-to-day, including:

    • Meeting with Beth to set priorities and work flow

    • Directing & overseeing the execution of daily to-dos while working alongside the crew

    • Setting work pace and being aware of time so we can complete our work in a reasonable timeframe

    • Maintaining a positive & supportive working environment for farm crew, helping keep them motivated and engaged while working on often-repetitive tasks

  • Farmers market lead. You will be responsible for running the farmers market arm of our operation, including:

    • Harvest (planning the harvest list & managing harvest and pack out)

    • Cleaning and resupplying the market kit & supplies

    • Driving the van to and from the farmers market

    • Set up, sales, and break down on farmers market day, including managing 1-2 crew at market

    • Weekly review of sales, quantities, troubleshooting etc. with Beth

Skills/strengths that would make you suited to this role

  • Strong attention to detail

    • You must be able to learn, replicate & execute a high standard of work over and over across a wide range of tasks

    • Maintaining the best quality product is how we are successful as a business: this will be a very important part of your job!

  • Observative, curious & thoughtful

  • Strong ability to work under pressure

  • Good communication skills

    • Skilled at explaining tasks clearly

    • Can set good expectations/standards and hold the team accountable to them

    • Good at coaching & encouraging to others as they learn new tasks

    • Be an attentive listener, and able to listen with empathy

  • Be able to keep the overall vision of the day/week/season as a whole in mind while executing the nitty gritty of the day-to-day

  • Self-motivated to learn, improve, and become more skilled as a farmer & leader


  • Valid driver’s license

  • Reliable transportation to and from the farm

  • At least one year of production farming experience: Ideally you will have worked full time for at least one full season on a production farm. Volunteer or part-time roles won’t be considered production farming experience; you need to know what to expect out of a full farming season in terms of intensity.

  • If you don’t have farming experience but are interested in this job: make your case to us! Why are you a good fit for this position? Other experience we feel would apply well here:

    • Restaurant experience, front of house or in the kitchen

    • Construction or other trade experience

    • Having run your own small business in the past

  • Experience leading teams: this could be on a farm or elsewhere—in another job, on a sports team, etc.


  • This is a full time, year-round position. Hours will be 40/week average, more in summer/fall, and less in winter/early spring.

  • 5 day work week March-November, shorter for the months of December-February.

  • Work days do have set start/finish times for work days, though they will shift through the season based on temperature, daylight & workload. Some days, like farmers market day, will be longer than 8 hours.


$20/hour, 40hr/week equivalent paid as a stipend 2x/month, year-round ($1600/pay period or $3200/month)

  • This means that you will have consistent and predictable monthly income year-round; if you complete the entire season, you will end up at a roughly 40hr/week average.

About Our Farm

Even Pull Farm is entering our eighth season in 2022. We are an established market garden farm producing a wide range of fresh produce and cut flowers in Yamhill County, Oregon. We have a large number of long-term restaurant clients, a strong farmers market following, and many farming systems in place. Currently we sell everything we grow from our 2 acres of intensive production within 25 miles of the farm. We are proud to be a hyper-local farm, focusing on serving our closest community year-round. We also take a lot of inspiration from our chef clients, and work hard to be an extension of their kitchen team by maintaining high quality standards, consistent availability, and a good diversity of product.

We are big believers in hard work, dedication, passion & craftsmanship. We really like a hustle, and find great pride in crossing off big to-do lists, walking long rows of clean and healthy crops, and in loading up large chef and market hauls. We find the work of farming itself deeply fulfilling despite the physical, mental, and emotional challenges it presents. We are always learning and improving as farmers and humans, and endeavor to be lifelong learners and challenge seekers.