CSA Partnerships for Health Manager

Company: Zenger Farm
Location: Portland, OR
Compensation: This is a full-time position located in Portland, OR. Starting salary for the position will be $45,000-$52,000. Benefits include fully paid medical and dental insurance, paid time off, and a retirement matching program. Additional non-monetary benefits include the opportunity to be a co-author on published, peer-reviewed journal articles and build connections across healthcare, farm, and academic sectors locally and statewide.
Employment Type: Full-Time
Job Categories: Administrative, Agriculture, Nonprofit
Region: Portland Area
Date Posted: January 14, 2021

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About Zenger Farm:
Zenger Farm is a 501(c)3 nonprofit working urban farm in Portland, Oregon that models,
promotes, and educates about sustainable food systems, environmental stewardship,
community development, and access to good food for all. We are guided by a vision of a
healthy, resilient community, where the wellbeing and prosperity of children and adults,
regardless of race, geography or socio-economic status, is enhanced through access to
affordable, plentiful and nourishing foods. As a justice-centered, food access and education
non-profit, we believe nourishment is a basic human right and that the root causes of
inequitable food access – racism, poverty and other systems of oppression – must be addressed
to create a just food system.
Our Team: Zenger Farm is a multi-racial organization and community, and we are deeply
engaged in conversations around issues of identity and belonging. We are currently a staff of 12
permanent employees, majority women, and all in our twenties, thirties, and forties. A third of
us are parents, and children are welcome at work. Currently, 33% of our permanent staff
identify as BIPOC, and over 50% have experienced being low-income. We serve low-income
communities, communities of color, and immigrant or refugee communities and are taking
steps to prioritize Black and Indigenous communities. In the last year, roughly 50% of our
beginning farmer apprentices, 50% of our youth summer camp participants, 64% of our Farm
School participants, and 80% of families and individuals who participate in our cooking
workshops, demonstrations, and farm days identified as Hispanic/Latinx, Black/ African
American/ Afro-Caribbean/ African, American Indigenous, First Nation, Asian/ Pacific Islander,
or multiethnic.
We encourage Black and Indigenous, and people of color, women, LGBTQ people, religious
minorities, recent immigrants, differently abled and applicants from different generational,
economic and educational backgrounds to apply. Work is currently remote due to the
COVID-19 pandemic but the successful applicant is expected to report to the Zenger Farm
offices once it is deemed safe by the governor.

About CSA Partnerships for Health:
CSA Partnerships for Health (CSAP4H) is a program that creates partnerships between health
centers that serve low-income populations and vegetable farmers who operate a Community
Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. These partnerships bring healthy, local, and seasonal
vegetables every week to patients at Federally Qualified Health Centers. These are powerful
partnerships which utilize farmers’ skills and the health clinics’ relationships to address the root
cause of diet-related chronic disease. This project strives to be something beyond a convenient
weekly drop-off of vegetables. We seek to holistically address issues of food access and public
health by creating model partnerships that also help participants develop lifelong cooking skills,
healthy eating habits and a taste for whole foods. We hope to improve population health while
also driving more healthcare spending into local agriculture.
This project began in 2015 after the Multnomah County Health Department’s Patient
Self-Management collaborative identified access to fruits and vegetables as the top need in
order to manage chronic disease. Since that pilot year, the program has grown to include
additional health clinics, farms, and other organizations and has been the subject of qualitative
and quantitative research in partnership with the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health (2015 –
present) and, in 2019, the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research. In 2020, we piloted
the use of Medicaid Flexible Spending to cover the cost of CSA shares. In 2021, we will provide
CSA prescriptions for 300 households during the summer/fall season and 80 CSA prescriptions
for winter CSA members while evaluating the impact of the program on diabetes markers and
skin carotenoid levels.

Position: CSA Partnerships for Health Manager
The CSA Partnerships for Health Manager will strategize and advance the goals of the CSAP4H
collaborative. This position will be the hub for communication between the program
stakeholders and provide central oversight and leadership of project specific timelines, budgets,
deliverables, and fundraising efforts. Additionally, the CSAP4H Manager will supervise interns,
volunteers, and other program staff. The CSAP4H Manager is an integral part of Zenger Farm,
working alongside the rest of the Zenger Farm staff and community.

Essential Duties
● Program Management and Development (55%)
○ Establish regular communication throughout the CSAP4H collaborative to
educate and mentor partner organizations, maintain consistency and share
○ Plan and facilitate regular check-in meetings and site visits among the
CSAP4H collaborative members including the Leadership Team and
○ Ensure evaluation and project commitments are being met by
collaborative partners and team members
○ Maintain records of program activities for grant reports to ensure activities are
meeting goals and the project is on-time and on-budget
○ Track and submit invoices for payment on behalf of interns and subcontractors
○ Identify, train, and provide administrative support to new farm and healthcare
○ Develop new systems, as needed, to track information as the program expands
○ Manage CSAP4H interns, volunteers, and other program staff including hiring,
training, and daily management
○ Coordinate with Zenger Farm staff to provide cooking demonstrations at pick-up
● Grants Management (35%)
○ Lead fundraising efforts by seeking, reviewing, and completing grant
applications, reports, and reimbursements
○ Monitor project specific expenditures to ensure they track with approved
○ Serve as the point of contact for program grants (including USDA GusNIP) and
attend relevant webinars and trainings
● Communications and Outreach (10%)
○ Present about CSAP4H to community organizations, healthcare partners, CSA
farmers and funders
○ Represent Zenger Farm and CSAP4H at local, regional, and statewide meetings
and events (overnight stays may be required one to two times per year)
○ Network and develop relationships with CSA farming operations and healthcare
organizations in the Portland area and nationwide
○ Work with CSAP4H interns and program staff to update CSAP4H social media and

Required Qualifications
● 4+ years’ experience in public health, healthcare, social work, food systems, or other
relevant field
● Lived experience or significant experience working with low-income, immigrant,
refugee, Black, Indigenous, and communities of color
● Proven success in grant writing and grant reporting
● 3+ years’ experience leading project management
● Proven track record facilitating complex collaboratives/partnerships
● Organized and detail-oriented with the ability to balance multiple, competing priorities
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills for both high and low literacy
● Strong word processing, spreadsheet management, and PowerPoint skills and comfort
utilizing databases, Google Suite, and Microsoft Office
● Ability to work independently, think critically, and adapt to new situations
● Ability to climb stairs, sit/stand at a desk, and look at a computer monitor for extended
periods of time with breaks
Preferred Qualifications
● Bilingual English/Spanish or English/Somali
● Ability to lift up to 25 pounds and be outside in inclement weather
● Access to a personal vehicle and a valid driver’s license
● Ability to drive manual transmission

This is a full-time position located in Portland, OR. Starting salary for the position will be
$45,000-$52,000. Benefits include fully paid medical and dental insurance, paid time off, and a
retirement matching program. Additional non-monetary benefits include the opportunity to be
a co-author on published, peer-reviewed journal articles and build connections across
healthcare, farm, and academic sectors locally and statewide.