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Photo by Meaghin Kennedy of Walt and young farmer trainee working horses at Workhorse Workshops

Oregon Farm Link Navigator Program

Attention land Seekers! Free assistance is available to farmers seeking land for a new or growing farm business. Navigate program participants receive individualized support and coaching to boost land search efforts and help secure land tenure.

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Locations of land listings on map are not necessarily exact.
Many are located on the nearest town or city.

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Are you looking for a farmer to lease or rent your land?

Would you like to sell your property?

Are you interested in acting as a mentor for a beginning farmer?

Would you like to find a business partner?

Oregon Farm Link hosts listings for a wide variety of land seekers.

Here are some profiles of recent successful land connections made through OFL.

Recent Jobs

Field Crew Mama Bird Farm

Seed Team Member Avoca Seed Farm

Business Manager Willow Witt Ranch

Market Helper Red Dog Farm

Featured Resources

Farmers’ Guide to Reducing the Legal Risks of a Food Safety Incident from Farm Commons. (link)

Oregon’s Beginning and Expanding Farmer Lending Program (‘Aggie Bonds’) — This program allows lenders to provide lower interest lending to qualifying beginning farmers. It is administered by Business Oregon, but potential applications should consult a lender before applying. (link)

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