Meeting Tips & Questions to Ask

So you’ve made a promising connection on Oregon Farm Link, and now you’re planning to meet in person for a visit.

By doing some advance preparations, you can ensure the meeting goes smoothly. Take the time to lay the groundwork for a great relationship with your future land partner!

Be prepared!

Think long and hard about your visions for the land, and come ready to discuss your hopes, needs, and, desires.

Some questions to consider:

Land Seekers

What is your farm vision?

  • How much land are you hoping to use?
  • What are you planning on raising?
  • What growing practices do you plan on employing?
  • What is your previous agricultural experience?

What is your anticipated impact on the land?

  • Are you planning to live onsite?
  • What hours will you work?
  • How many employees/vehicles will you have on the property?
  • Are you interested in using any of the land holder’s equipment?

It’s possible that the land holder may not be accustomed to working with farmers. Be prepared to explain all of the aspects of your farm business.

Land Holders:

Consider in advance what types of uses are you comfortable with:

  • Will you permit the land seeker to live onsite?
  • Would you prefer for them to only access the land at certain hours of the day?
  • How do you feel about them bringing employees to work the land?

Ask lots of questions to ensure you have a good idea of the land seeker’s plans:

  • How much land are you hoping to use?
  • What are you planning on raising?
  • What is your agricultural experience?
  • What is your growing philosophy?
  • Do you have a business plan?

For both land seekers & land holders we highly recommend that you ask for references.

Most importantly, trust your gut. Searching for the perfect land (or a land partner) can be a long process. If anything doesn’t feel right about the the arrangement, walking away could be the best choice for you. With persistence and dedication, you will find something that is the perfect fit!

Photos by Beth Satterwhite