Family Farm Succession Planning Resources

Please Note: None of the material in this section should be construed as providing legal advice. We recommend consulting an attorney or other licensed professional for specific questions on farm succession planning for your operation.


Tools and Resources for Succession Planning

Farm Bureau Financial Services: Complete Guide to Farm Succession Planning – This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about succession planning for your family farm or ranch. You can jump to the sections most relevant to you using the links below, or you can download this guide for future reference. (link)

The East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District page has a variety of links that provide programs, guides, and related resources for succession planning. (link)

The Ties to the Land Initiative through OSU, designed for woodland owners, but applicable to all rural land holders, provides resources relating to succession planning, conservation easements, and other related planning. (link)

The Austin Family Business Program at Oregon State University offers both online and on-campus course on family businesses. (link)

The Agrarian Trust’s page on succession planning provides a robust collection of guides, strategies, and other tools for succession planning from numerous organizations and universities. (link)

The Farm Transfer Network of New England has a collection of guides, publications, worksheets, and other tools to help guide farm transferring. (link)

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach provides numerous documents to help guide and provide strategies for the succession planning process. (link)

The National Agricultural Law and Center provides policy and regulation resources for estate planning and taxation. (link)

The International Farm Transition Network offers publications and seminars on farm succession. (link)

Friends of Family Farmers provides these resources solely for educational purposes. Friends of Family Farmers neither favors nor endorses any of the organizations listed on this website, nor are they responsible for any incorrect information that is listed on the hyperlinked external sites.

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