For Partnership: 17 acres in Alsea


We work as a farm collective: sharing ideas, resources, and enjoying the physical day to day activities make up our core values.

There are four full time residents, three adults and one child. We are looking for people who want to make a commitment to the land and community and eventually buy a share in the farm. Please look at our website: for more history about the farm and information about the people who live here. Also, if you are interested in the farm, we would suggest researching the area around Alsea and closest large towns: Corvallis, Eugene, and Newport on the coast. We are an hour (one-way) from anywhere you can sell farm products. A business that encompasses value added items can be sold on the internet and shipped via USP, FedEx and the post office (all deliver and pick-up at the farm). We do not derive our sole income from farm work. All residents currently have part time jobs (either tel-commuting or in Corvallis). This is not to say you can’t make a living from farming alone but it will take a very creative business plan and some capital to make it happen in our remote location.

Owner’s Short Term Vision for the Property

Finding a farmer or pair of farmers to partner in farm projects including livestock, blueberries and vegetables for sale and home consumption so we can work on other organic farming related projects. Our off-farm work involves consulting for organic certified operations and regulatory agencies in Mexico and the US on organic regulation, production and organic law, policies, and compliance. We would like to establish a schedule with a farming partner so each gets time off and is supported in farming-related endeavors that might take them away from the actual farm: advocacy and activism, continuing education, off farm job, etc. We host interns through listings with ATTRA, WWOOF-USA and HelpX and are open to mentoring new farmers. Our farm has been certified organic for 21 years. We currently prioritize the production of the vast majority of our own food, and selling some produce, meat and eggs to a network of friends and acquaintances.

Owner’s Long Term Vision for the Property

Establishing a small intentional community around organic farming and the promotion of sustainable living.

Current Use

Common Treasury Farm is a diversified farm/ homestead with animals, vegetables, blueberries, herbs and plant starts. Our current farming projects include raising pastured pigs, sheep, goats, cattle and laying hens. We have three Irish Dexter cows and one milking goat. One land partner sells plant starts at the Corvallis Farmers Market specializing in tomatoes and peppers as well as a variety of other popular vegetables. We received a grant from the NRCS and built a 30x75' hoop house as a season extender. We are currently growing strawberries, cucumber, tomatoes and sweet peppers. We also grow fiber flax for natural fiber processing. Flax seed and fiber trials will be conducted on the farm for the next several years.

*One of our residents has a severe allergy to horses, so these are out of the question.

Available Water / Irrigation

The property is bordered by Lobster Creek, a large year-round stream, for which we have water rights. Three seasonal creeks also cross the land. An irrigation upgrade in 2013 added 16,000 gal of gravity water storage, drip irrigation on blueberries and annual field crops plus pasture irrigation with 3 in. hand line and rain birds.

Soil Type / Quality

Soil is a Sandy loam of ancient stream bed, no rocks, well-drained in general. Soil maps and tests available.

Buildings and Structures Available for Farm Use

Main house with 2 rooms (original to property with attached 1960's trailer used as a pantry), Equipment barn with attached common room and shared kitchen, bathroom/laundry building, 760 sq ft animal barn, two hoophouses, one high tunnel, one greenhouse. Living quarters are a converted 40ft. shipping container, with windows, door, covered porch and wood stove.

Farm Equipment Available for Use, Sale or Lease

Small Kabota tractor with rotary mower, tiller, disc, culti-packer, bed-lister and 12" plow. Implements include: BCS rototiller, chipper, earthway seeders, wheel hoe, roll and net fences for rotational poultry and ruminant grazing. Numerous hand and power tools. Irrigation: 60 gal/min electric pump, hundreds of feet hand lines (3" and 4") with rainbirds, lay flat, drip tape and buried headers. 16,000 gallon storage for gravity feed.

Any Restrictions That Could Limit Agricultural Production

No regulatory restrictions on farming here. Our zoning is for agricultural use. Any new farming projects or operations have to be certifiable to organic standards whether or not you choose to add your project to our existing certificate. The entire farm - including pasture land - is certified organic.

Locations of land listings on map are not necessarily exact. Many are located on the nearest town or city.
County: Benton

Farm Basics

Total Acreage: 17

Acreage Available to Landseeker: 16

Date Property is Available: May 2, 2017

Possible Business Arrangements: Partnership

Lease Rate / Price: Negotiable

Date when this listing was created: April 20, 2016

Farming Practices

Current Farming Practices: Certified Organic

Farming Practices Allowed: Certified Organic

Agriculture Types Suitable: Bees, Berries, Cattle, Dairy, Fiber Animals, Flowers, Hay, Herbs, Hogs, Mushrooms, Nursery Stock, Nuts, Orchard/Fruit, Pasture, Poultry, Sheep, Vegetables, Other

Farm Details

Housing Available? Yes

Water Available? Yes

Property Fenced? Yes

Land Holder Interested in Mentoring Land Seeker? Yes

To contact a land holder, you must first fill out a land seeker profile and have it approved by our staff. Thank you.