Farmer/Co-Manager at Food Waves

Company: Food Waves/Converging Creeks Farm
Location: Colton, OR
Compensation: Hourly wage TBD based on experience and schedule.
Employment Type: Part-Time
Job Categories: Agriculture, Nonprofit
Region: Portland Area
Date Posted: April 27, 2024

How to Apply

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Overview:  Food Waves is a small-scale bio-intensive operation focusing on high quality specialty greens, vegetables, and animal proteins (Chicken and Pork).  All of our farming operations take place at Converging Creeks Farm in Colton, OR.  Our farming practices emphasize soil health building through the input of animal & plant matter as well as conservation tillage utilizing a power harrow implement instead of a rototiller to encourage earthworms and microflora/microfauna as well as reduce compaction and the formation of a hard pan.

The non-profit aspect of our organization looks at food justice from an educational standpoint where food security comes from knowing how to grow your own food.  We offer training opportunities on and off farm all the way from a small backyard raised bed up to a 5 – 10-acre homesteading/market farm.

We are looking for an individual who has enough experience on a diversified vegetable operation that they are ready for the next step towards a management position.  This person would be working as a team alongside the two farm owners.  This position’s responsibilities would include many of the day to day farm tasks as well as serving at times as the crew leader.  Ability to work with/train inexperienced interns and/or volunteers is very important. Responsibilities include – but not limited to – greenhouse seeding, bed prep with a BCS power harrow, mowing with a 4 wheel tractor, managing drip irrigation, hand harvesting specialty greens, post harvest handling/market prep and selling at Farmer’s Market (Saturdays at PSU).

The job would be 30 – 40 hours/week, but the schedule would be flexible and variable depending on the needs of the farm and the applicant.